February 23, 2017


4 steps to stay CONSISTENT

Yesterday I did a video on consistency.Today I am going to keep consistent and write about it and continue to deliver content that I hope is helping you out.


In the video above I talk about chasing your goals and keeping consistent.These goals can be anything from fitness,health,relationship to even business goals.

Over the last few years working as a personal trainer I have seen many people achieve their fitness and health goals.Having said that I have also seen a large number of people not achieve their goals.A lot of the people I work with are chasing health and fitness goals.From losing weight,looking to improve their strength/mobility,better their mindset to even dropping some body fat.There really is no magic training program,special fitness trainer or any wonder drug out there that is going to help you in this area.Clients like Ciaran and Stephen below both lost 100kg combined between them in 1 whole year.That was their long term goal and they achieved that.The main reason they achieved their goals is because they stayed consistent and put in the steps and work required.Everybody really can start a new plan,goal or venture but not everybody will stick with it.The journey sure is tough and not doubt there will be plenty of ups and downs and possible more downs than ups.Those who stick with it will achieve their reward and these 2 guys are a real example of this.

Here are 4 points that will help you with your plan of consistency.

Narrow your list

First of all become tunnel vision and focus on YOUR goal.Break down your goal with short-med-long term and make the right steps required in order to get after the long term goal.There really is no point in jumping into the deep end and working on the long term goal from day 1.What I suggest is here is baby steps every single day focusing on the short term plan for the moment working towards med term.This really could be anything simple as aiming to drink 3 litres of water each day for 7 days and before you know it day 21 you have it locked down and its now a med term goal which can only filter through to help the long term goal.Remember "Success is a journey,not a destination,the DOING is more important than the outcome" The small yet consistent "doing" steps are so important.

Win or LEARN

We all fail.God I have failed a lot.I failed in my sporting days,in school to even with my business today.In school we really are brought up not to fail and seeing "F" after an exam is always seen as negative experience. Trust me I seen a lot of those.In my football days I failed a lot too.Lost games,played poorly,got injured and at times I didn't hit the goals I wanted to achieve.At the time I perhaps was hard on myself when I failed especially my football days and I guess that can put you off track.Failing may not be nice and can effect you getting after future goals you want to achieve.It makes you scared and puts doubt in your mind I guess.But now,I like to fail.I now have a motto of "You win or LEARN" Set targets that may seem unrealistic and get after them.If you don't achieve them never look at them as failures.This experience can only help you grow and continue to get better.Get out of your comfort zone and fail there.It is normal to not want to do a certain thing that you might think you will fail at.Public speaking is one for me.I had a huge fear of failing in front of people speaking but these learning processes are steps that will only make you better.I spoke to a group of people in Deloitte and was scared shitless.I guess it was due to the fact of failing.That speech only made me better as I learnt a hell of a lot and has now given me the confidence to grow further.

Visualization/Goals board

Working on visualization and having a goal/vision board is another way of keeping focused and on track and is something I’ve used in the past myself and with friends and clients.This could be a vision to run a marathon this year, lose some weight, being able to spend time and give lots of energy to play with your kids, or even sticking a picture on your wall from your glorious sporting days as a source of motivation.I have also found that working on gratitude and appreciation is another protocol I would also encourage.Start your day with listing three things that you are grateful to have in your life. Being grateful for your health, your fitness, your previous sporting accomplishments, the people around you motivating and encouraging you, to the food on your plate, is something I believe is also great for your body and mind.I have used this five-minute journal in the past and it has really helped me focus more and keep me on track.Keeping a journal like this is great as it will hold you accountable to your goals, keep you motivated and will be a good checklist on what went right and wrong for you on the day so you can keep getting better.Record,measuring and documenting your progress is important.List down three things every night that YOU are going to work on the next day.This should be a small step but this daily step of action will lead you to the big goal. There is a lot to be said for that sense of achievement, no matter how small it may seem. It could be a goal working towards your fitness, health, anything.

Have accountability factors

Find ways that will keep you on track.Personally what works for my business goal is having a mentor who helps me out with my business.I encourage anybody in business to have a mentor.Having a trainer to check in with and map out your fitness regime is something that can only help your fitness/health goal.Read books,listen to podcast or go watch videos of people who inspire you.Surround yourself with people and things that can only help you out with staying on track.

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