October 17, 2016


5 of the best Kettlebell exercises

I am a huge fan of the Kettlebell

Once the exercise is done right its by far one of the best pieces of gym equipment that is portable to bring around,easy to use and highly effective.

Lets skip all the mobility talk (you can find more of that in a previous blog on my website ) and go straight to Kettlebells.

What are Kettlebells for?Weightloss/Weightgain/Strength/FatLoss/Bodybuilidng?

Let me firstly say that Its not going to encourage muscle growth like a bodybuilder.In fact its only going to help you get leaner,more powerful and stronger once paired in with the right program.Bringing KB swings into your workout can spike your heart rate which in turn is going to lead to a lot good benefits.Learn how to swing right first and go watch this video where I cover correct tips/weight to use and see the common mistakes that most people make.


What weight should you use?

For swings,I like most of my female clients to start with a 8/10kg to get used to the basics and technique.Get consistently good at that then move on, there is really no reason why females can't then gradually progress on up and have the ability to swing a 16-24kg for a couple of reps.Most males should start with a 16kg bell and same again once they go about it the right way there is no reason why men cant use a 24-32kg bell for their workouts.

Every now and then I get asked "Will I buy a KB and what weight should I use"?

Lets start by saying you don't need a 4kg bell for kettlebell swings.It will really offer you nothing and YES I would really recommend you to have the weights mentioned above lieing around the house for a home workout.There is so much you can do with a kettlebell. Combining that with bodyweight drills,some KB movements along with some core work you really have a great and effective workout on your hands.

Where to buy a KB?

Best place is D8 fitness in Dublin city.You can find all that info here.I know you can buy KBs from places such as LIDL,argos etc but I've never come across a the weight mentioned that are really worth buying.


What are the best exercises?

-Kettlebell deadlift


-Russian/American Swing

-Goblet squat/Kb wall ball

-KB clean/snatch

-KB turkish get up

All of these exercises are mentioned below.

You need help with learning these I can help you out.


Hope this short article has helped you out.You need any more advice or help with your technique then get in touch.

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