August 11, 2017


Exercise directory

Hey guys

I have included a list of exercises here from my YouTube channel that include lots of movements that will help you out when it comes to your training program.In most videos I have included a tutorial and have mentioned common errors that I see and correct technique tips that will help you out and keep you safe.Click each exercise and that will bring you straight to each video.Over the next few weeks I will continue to add to this list of exercises.

WARM UP routines

Warm up 1

Warm up 2

LOWER BODY exercises

Air squat

Back squat

Banded overhead squat

Single leg assisted squat

Goblet squat

Goblet reverse lunge

Partner assisted GHR

Clock lunges


Trap bar deadlift

UPPER BODY exercises

Pull up/Chin ups

Neutral grip chin up

Negative chin ups

KB/DB single arm row

Push ups

Ring push ups

Push up and downward dog

TRX atomic push up

Band resisted push ups

Ring row

Banded seated row

Single arm barbell landmine press

POWER exercises

Kettlebell swings

Hang power clean/Hang power snatch

Med ball toss

Med ball slam

Ball slams

Heavy russian swing/Band resisted russian swing

Jumping split squat

Box jump

Kneeling jump

Heavy battle rope

Double battle rope

CORE exercises

Plank and alternating plank

Pall of press

Supine pall of press

Side plank and rotation

Banded chop rotations

Barbell rollout complex

KB side bend

Barbell turkish get up

Core complex

Hollow hold + rock

TRX low/high plank

Leg lowerings and body rows

Russian twists

Swiss ball complex

Core for your golf game

Mobility exercises

Banded pull aparts

Banded X-band walks

Banded pass thrus

Glute activation work

Hip flexor pulsing stretch

Mobility for your golf

Home workout

Workout 1

Workout 2

Workout 3

Workout 4