March 18, 2016


Online training plan

Online training plan

So I’ve finally decided to offer this training plan.

Since launching it last week I have 3 clients signed up and I am looking for a further 7 people to join up but let me tell you first whats involved and why I actually decided to offer this package.


I’ve gotten quite a lot of clients coming into me that are currently active members in commercial gyms such as Flyefit,Ben dunne etc but have found they are not getting the full benefit from their own membership.They have found themselves in a 12 month pre paid contract/membership and don’t really know what their doing in the gym and also not being held very accountable when it comes to their training sessions.At the moment I am really busy with current clients and don’t have the slots currently to be taking on new clients so I figured this package is suitable for everybody.

Whats Involved?

First of all I physically get the client in for a 30/40 min consultation with me and this is what I cover.

Mobility/flexibility assessment This is where I cover where the client needs work. Ive covered this assessment here with my article with the42 and you notice the mobility test being shown in video in this article  HERE

Body composition Standard body fat test which will highlight lots of things to myself and client and its an area I test/retest with all my clients 4-6 weeks again later.

-Nutrition support Throughout the initial assessment I get to know the client pretty well quite fast.I see many different clients week in week out so I’m pretty good at reading into individuals and listening to their lifestyle/nutrition/sleep patterns.Normally what I do here is ask the client for a basic food diary for 5 days and work around everything from this information.You need help with your Nutrition then go check out the information HERE that I wrote with theJournal 

Fitness assessment Lots of things covered here.I find out about their current gym session,what their gym set up is like,what they normally do in the gym and then progress them onto a few movements and see how they fare.This could be asking the client to perform a basic body weight squat or back squat to showing me a standard body weight plank to even how many chin up they already have.From all this information I receive I can then find out where client really needs work relative to their goal then I also know what I should really be sending them workout wise relative to what they showed me in the gym.

-Structured and personal workouts I will then send on roughly 16-20 sessions to them for the months subscription.This is sent via email once a week and here you will have your plan for the week ahead.I like to stay in contact with clients quite often to  keep them accountable and also just to hear they are doing OK with the program-holding them accountable

-End of month 1/1 PT session Client will come in and basically lots of things we covered in the initial assessment session we did at the start we will test/retest them all over again.Another body fat test will be done to see how we improved plus we will assess areas in the clients fitness where they wanted to work on.Has the mobility improved?Any gains in strength?Perhaps their lifestyle and sleep has improved?Most areas here are all looked at again and we rate overall how the month went.

Cost is 60 Euro per month or 650 Euro for the year.

If you feel that this program is something that you need then get in touch.I will be limiting this to a certain number of clients as their really only is a certain amount of work I can currently take on between all the clients I have at the moment training with me on a daily basis,to writing for the 42 and the Journal to doing my own training and so on.

You can contact me here on phone at 086-192704

or CLICK HERE for a instant email to me

Also feel free to check out the below for more details: