February 7, 2017

The info you need to know

Last week I had the pleasure of going into Deloitte and speaking to a number of their staff helping them out with their health,fitness and well-being initiative they set up in January 2017.It was really nice to be able to speak to a large group of people who were interested in bettering their health and fitness and was great to be able to pass on nuggets of experience that I have picked up on over the last 10 years in the industry.The overall topic was "Maintaining a fit,healthy lifestyle under the burden of a busy working life" I had 40 minutes to cover as much content as I could and I wanted to cover what I felt was needed the most for people who are generally busy and working high pressured office jobs.Roughly 90% of my clients work in offices and its funny a lot of them are accountants too so I have a fair idea on what a typical day can look like for them.The 4 topics we covered were Mobility/Body maintenance,training structure,nutrition and mental fitness/mindset.

I really wanted to cover mobility first as I know exactly what a lot of these people are like.If you spend long periods of your day sitting down at a desk then you are more than likely are going to show signs of weak mobility,poor posture and I wouldn't be surprised if you had experienced low back pain at some stage of your life.They say 8 in every 10 have had low back discomfort and I will admit I am among that group and have wrote about HERE before and have talked about how I deal with it.I talked about 4 basic drills that people can do who spend long periods of their day in poor,weak lazy positions.Excessive standing too is often overlooked and people think sitting down is the devil but go talk to any barber or hairdresser and I guarantee you they have just very similar mobility issues from standing long periods in their day.

We covered the

Couch stretch

X band walk

Banded pull aparts

Banded pass-thrus

Pigeon stretch

Hamstring stretch


You can see a lot of these basic drills above and you don't need any equipment here what so ever.If you do these movements at least once per day its going to help you stay more mobile,better your posture and really just delete the risk of bringing in silly injuries down the road.Having mobility tools like bands,rollers,balls will really help you out.I generally buy all my gear from D8Fitness as the equipment here is well priced and very durable for daily usage.I have also talked about trying to incorporate Yoga at least once per week into your routine.Not only will these help you out with regard to working on your body and keeping you loose and mobile but in fact it will also help you out when it comes to some head space and meditation.We all live busy lives these days where pressure and stress can catch up with us and we all need to slow down every now and then.

You want to know about the 3 other topics we talked about from training structure,nutrition and mental fitness then you can pick up some points from this video below.


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