December 16, 2016


Top tips for the Christmas season

THE FESTIVE SEASON has kicked in, the trees are up,lights are on and Christmas FM is on the go.

With the lead upto Christmas you have found yourself on a good run with your nutrition,training and in general are well on top of your health and lifestyle goals.

This time of the year is when plenty of distractions can come into play,Christmas party's,late nights,alcohol,good food and lots of happy times with family and friends-All the good stuff.

Of course,the priority should be to enjoy the festive season with good food and drink, taking time to switch off and mostly spending quality time with family and friends.

But that doesn’t mean you should treat December as a right off when it comes to looking after your health,fitness or lifestyle goals and leave it off until a clean slate in January. Some of you spend enough time training all year round and now shouldn't be the time to waste all that away.

Here's my top tips on how to keep it a relatively healthy Christmas so you wont need to be starting all over again when it comes to January.

Control the controllable and don't go overboard.

Easier said than done for most but to be honest this is important.Sure there is going to be parties,lots of get together's almost every night over the festive break.For most Irish people social gatherings always tend to circle around alcohol.Lets face it most us enjoy a drink or 2 and now is the time of the year where you should enjoy yourself.However,pick and choose the gatherings you know that you are going and you really don't need to be attending every social event every night.If you do find yourself drinking a lot my goal is to go with the drink for one or two  you truly enjoy then keep it in moderation.On top of that try keep to clearer spirits,avoiding sweet mixers and not too many dark beers.Simple tips that we really all know should apply.Eating a well balanced meal with carbs,proteins and fats with the lead up to your night out and drinking plenty of water on the day and in and between drinks if you can will always help you out.

Get out and keep active when you can

Lets face it most of us spend a lot of the time watching good Christmas TV,boxsets or Netflix.But leave some time to get out and walk,run or even get a home workout in.You don't need to do this every day or stick to your usual exercise regime you had going in November but aim to try move,stretch or get a little sweat on a few times over the festivities.Below I have put together a really basic home workout where you need little to no equipment and is perfect for getting a light sweat on,some basic movement along with topping up your mobility/core work


80/20...75/25...or maybe 70/30!

I have talked about having a realistic approach when it comes to nutrition.In this article here I mention eating good quality food 80% of the time and leaving 20% over for the foods that perhaps tend to be that be higher in sugar,carbs,cals and so on.-All the nice things.Let yourself a little loose this time of the year and go with 70/30 approach as lets be honest its the time of the year where we need to cut loose a tad more and realistically there is going to be far more nice food around you at this time of the year.Big deal if you tuck into the roses.Enjoy them but just don't go overboard.


Let me finish this short article in wishing you a very happy Christmas.I appreciate you reading my blog and taking an interest in my content and look forward to continuing on helping you out with some advice into the 2017 year.

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