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Help you build muscle and improve your overall strength


Improve your mobility so you can move more freely and easily


Give you the helping hand you need to stay fit and healthy

Weight Loss

Motivate you to reach your weight loss goals Fitness - Give you the helping hand you need to stay fit and healthy


Educate you on the importance of a healthy and balanced diet


Establishing a positive mindset is crucial for achieving your goals

About David

David is a south Dublin based personal trainer working from Terenure Dublin 6w.He was raised into a very active family with lots of sporting connections its no wonder he chose a career in health and fitness. His first sniff of professionalism in fitness was his 3 year scholarship program at UCD when he was 19. He spent 3 great years here studying sports management while playing for UCD in the league of Ireland and had the opportunity of representing Ireland at the world  games in Thailand 2007. All this valuable experience gained over this time has been brought into his current personal training business David Last Fitness.

From 2009 -2014 he worked in the commercial scene with many of Dublin’s well know gyms such as Raw condition,Total Fitness and Swan Leisure. Over the course of these 6 years he learned a lot about the commercial gym scene and moved on to the next step.In 2014 he found himself taking on a 3 month internship at a strength and conditioning/CrossFit facility in Florida. He then returned home to set up his own training facility setting up a small home gym in Rathfarnham. Within 6 months he set up the business and expanded to a larger facility then in De la salle sports centre Churchtown before moving onto Terenure in January 2017
Over the last 2 years he has been working as a health and fitness writier with The42/TheJournal.You can view his weekly column here
In 2018 he also teamed up as a brand Ambasador to Kinetica sports


Shane Flynn

David adapts the class to your level with very good directions on technique. Personalized classes for your goal and really knows his stuff.. I'd recommend David to male or female, beginners and people that are more advanced. Not a bad looking bloke as well

Dean Curran

Top class trainer!! I have been training with Dave for over a year now,I enjoy every session and always pushed and challenged to new levels which leads to great results!He constantly researches new material and has an excellent knowledge from fitness to diet to well being.Dave is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with!! highly recommend to people of all fitness levels!

Ciarán Connolly

Dude is absolutely ripped and knows everything there is to know about pushing me that extra mile. He's helped me through a few triathlons and I'm about to do my first Iron-man. Thanks Dave for all your beast help.

Daragh Hopkins

Extremely thorough in everything he does! Very accommodating to all fitness levels and really pushes you to reach your goal. The community environment of working out and competing together is hard to beat. If you don't believe me, pop up to the shed and see for yourself

Daniel New

Dave has the ability to train any man or woman! Unbelievable athlete and even better person / coach!

Mary Guiney

Best coach ever. He brought me back to life after dealing with grief and trying to get back into shape after taking a course of western medicine for 2 years to treat mental health...his travels to the USA really taught him well...now time for me to kick some butt in the field of nutrition, after this last fag wink emoticon woop...travelling the globe begins tomoro and Dave u are more than welcome to borrow my fancy brand spangly new erg that u recommended I buy:) 

Pete Cohen

I had the opportunity to train with David when he was here in the US. I found him to be not only knowledgeable, but extremely motivating as well as understanding. He's an absolutely great coach!

Stephen James Last

David knows his stuff and is a great coach. Anybody looking to get in shape or bring their performance to the next level should definitely consider working with him.

Dave Lynch

I have known David Last for a while now and after joining many gyms around the area I can 1000% that training with Dave is by far the best! I was sick of training in commercial gyms where you were just a number, and no one really cared if you were reaching your goals/targets. His knowledge and commitment are second to none, combining this with his positive attitude and great personality…I think this gym is the best around…I highly recommend it to anyone…Yeah top tunes too!!

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