February 27, 2015


15.1 Strategy and Tips

So here we go….

15.1 has been announced and no surprise to what Castro has thrown out to be honest.Sure is a nice WOD to open up the 2015 season. It will be a classic CrossFit triplet with a 1RM clean and jerk under fatigue.As expected we see a workout no more than 15 mins long and of course with abarbell.If you found yourself in the lead up to the open working on a strength cycle along with some metabolic conditioning that’s good for you.If you have been staying clear on strength and just hammering light weight met cons you may struggle eventually with the 2 components.


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 9 minutes of:15 toes-to-bars10 deadlifts (115 / 75 lb.)5 snatches (115 / 75 lb.)


1-rep-max clean and jerk6-minute time cap

First impressions

The first part of 15.1 is very  similar pattern to two previous Open workouts 13.2 and 12.3

15.1 is going to be extremely grip intensive. Going from 15 toes-to-bar into deadlifts into snatches is going to put a ton of strain on your forearms.So plenty of forearm boners and nasty tears on the hands can be expected.

  • Classic triplet
  • Grip based workout
  • Definitely has to be aerobic workout even though you may think you need to move fast as its quite light weight for some people the key here will be slow and steady pace.
  • Plenty of flexion and extension going on therefore keep your damn lumbar spine safe.
  • Midline stability will be tested over time.
  • Strategy,warm up,set up,transition times will all be important


  • Have a plan!
  • Break up T2B early.3-5 reps max.Quick rest of 10 secs and shake of the arms and back up to the bar.Minimize the jump up the bar,if your a small athlete grab a box.Use your lats as frequent as possible pushing down on the bar.Change up grip if needed on bar.Mixed grip could work here too.
  • Deadlifts Barbell needs to be close to the pull up bar. Plenty of flexion and extension going on so your midline will eventually smoke up,stay safe keep it steady move well.Sure it may not be super heavy so this does not mean you need to move super fast.This is the easiest part of the workout so you can rest while you work.A safe approach is slow yet steady with good breathing throughout.Definitely look after your grip by either using an alternate grip or a hook grip (my choice would be alternate) Load hammies as often as possible and keep the hips in a good position allowing the glutes take some of the load. Avoid getting lazy and allowing the low back take the force.Unbroken here for me is needed.
  • Snatch Quick transition time into different grips.Hook grip comes in handy here.Keep them slow and steady and keep the bar close as possible.Again don’t go fast!Touch and go is ideal but if weight is a issue break them up in singles.The snatch weight be different for most people so i have went with 3 diff levels.Advanced: Aim for touch and go but not at the expense of your grip or if you need to take extended breaks before or after the set.Intermediate: Maybe a mix and match of touch and go and singles (as per advanced regarding grip and breath)Novice:  smooth is fast – focus on perfect mechanics in order to be as efficient as possible. No wasted energy!
  • Part 1a is 6 mins in total (9-15 mins).Take your time.Wear tape if you normally do.Throw on your oly shoes for this workout.Have the plates all set up correctly and know what time and weight you will be attempting.The key here for me is again don’t rush it.6 mins is actually a long time.I recommend 4 lifts. Opening lift i would go with 60% of 1rm @10.30sec, 1x80%@12min 1x90%@13.30sec<—-(The important lift) 1 x bonus 95% + @ 14.30sec.Again the goal weight for me here is 90% on the 3rd lift.The 4th lift is a bonus.A new 1RM is highly unlikely here remember.
  • Have fun.Remember its the first of 5.Enjoy it,stay safe and injury free.

All the best