March 15, 2015

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15.3 Tips

Back again!

Series 3 of 5 with 15.3.Glad to hear my advice from 15.2 helped you out.Really enjoying the feedback received from home and abroad.

So lets look at 15.3 first.

Workout 15.3

14 minutes AMRAP:7 muscle ups50 wall balls100 double unders

First Impressions

  • Triplet
  • Muscle up club.First time we have ever seen a workout starting out with MUs. Normally they feature later in workouts which in turn separate the pack.
  • High rep wall balls and dubz. A selection of movements that we see quite often in the open.
  • Strategy will most definitely come into play on how to deal with the W-balls and dubz.Thisworkout is all about not blowing out your lungs and your upper body. When your forearms blow out you won’t be able to do double unders or muscle ups any longer.

Quick Tips that may just help you out.

  • Muscle ups First of all I have noticed so many people complain about this.There seems to be plenty of negativity with castro announcing these movements at the start of the workout.I know there is probably plenty of you guys and girls out there trying to get better at Dubz or even chest to bar pull ups prior to muscle ups.Well welcome to the open and now is the time you have to realise this is a growing sport with a ticket to an elite stage and you should be continually working on YOUR own personal weaknesses and stop smashing the daily group WOD every damn day and neglecting what you really need to do in order to get better at thisgame.Start attending more open gym times or even hang around after class and get things done.DO NOT try and do these MUs unbroken.Sure it maybe only 7 right but if you even watched the elite perform them you will notice they broke them up early so why should you go at them unbroken?I recommend muscle-ups in singles or doubles if you’re comfortable. 15.3 is 14 minutes long, therefore smart pacing and consistent movement will get you A LOT further in this workout.
  • Wall Balls Keep it simple and stick to the plan.5 sets of 10 with 10-15 secs rest after every 10.Hit the target every damn time.Every sloppy missed rep is going to cost you moreenergy.Get a judge that is really going to push you to really force you to get that ball back up and move.We worked at this at CrossFit BlackBox last year and it really did make a difference in these types of workouts.A simple push from a judge/coach/group of onlookers can really make the difference at the end.
  • Dubz Personally my favorite movement.A movement which if you have down comfortable is a movement that can really get you fired up and make you feel good.A movement that can also ruin you mentally and physically some days!We have all been there on a day when they just don’t want to happen!However what you don’t want  to happen is you launch into them unbroken and then you get back into round 2 and your shoulders are smoked up.Personally i would forcefully break these up in sets of 40/30/30 with a quick break of 10-15 secs after every break up.
  • Go after it and get your first muscle up if your close to it.If not scale away and still do your best.
  • Have fun,cheer on others and create a special atmosphere on your gym floor.Remember the better the floor the better the open.Boy we had a special time at CFBB with all my gang with plenty of BBQ,Beers and cheers on the night.

All the best