December 6, 2018


*2 week special* Personal training Christmas gift vouchers

THE HOLIDAY SEASON is well upon us and I hope you’ve found my Christmas-orientated articles over the last few weeks useful.

Time is of the essence at this time of year, not least to get to the gym, but also to search for different gift ideas for family and friends.

Over the last 4 years each December I have been running a 2 week discount special on all my personal training options.These are always a fantastic gift idea for family or friends and they always fly out every year when I put on this discounted rate.

The timing might not seem right for talking about the gym in and around the festive season for some of you but this really is a good gift for someone to get them on the right healthy track for 2019.-Working with a trainer one-on-one can really ignite that fire one needs to get them going in January.

From December 7th-December 21st I am offering at least a 30% discount on all 3 personal training options.

At present you can find my regular prices and prices for 2019 here below.

These 2 week special rates are as follows

1 session 60Eur

3 sessions 150Eur

10 sessions 450Eur

**All 3 options are 1-1 training options with myself to be used at my facility in Terenure

**They can be used from 03/01/2019 -20/12/2019

If you'd like to take advantage of this 2 week special then drop me a line HERE and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a great Christmas