October 3, 2016

20 fitness learning curves experiences

I’ve been about sport,health and fitness since day 1 kicking and chasing a ball around the family home as a bambino. The footie days are over but I am still very grateful to have gotten all the opportunities I had and the way it has shaped me as a person.The gym was always a place I felt was quite an important part of my sporting upbringing and straight away took a liking to it. I’ve been about 100s of gym floors since the age of 16 and then entering it as a place of work since ending my days at UCD in 2008 after a very short 6 month stint in the Monday to Friday financial world.

My dad used to always tell me experience was important and how having older experienced players in your football team was a real bonus.I never bought into it.I always felt young players were far better to have in your team.I now look back on days like that and see how he really wasright.They say as you get older you get wiser and you start to look at things differently and maybe even look back on things that you wished you done differently.

Damn I’ve a few.

I don’t look at these as failures.Its life,we all go through this process.

Here are a couple of things around sport,health and fitness that I now look at towards a different angle.

  • Fitness doesn’t always mean being around weights,trying to achieve 6 pac abs,eating chicken and broccoli,hammering yourself every day chasing new times to even competing with yourself all the time.Its a whole broader picture and is something that can actually really help everybody.
  • It should never be a chore.If it is then you got to jump ship and move on.
  • Sometimes you’ve got to slow down to speed up.
  • Less is actually more and quality  beats quantity all day long.
  • Mobility,yoga,meditation and practicing gratitude do actually have an important role in life and fitness.
  • Cherish the health you have right now.It may not always be around.
  • Sometimes you really just got to listen to your body.
  • Consistent hard/smart work overcoming adversity beats talent in the long run.
  • You won’t see the fruits of your labor until down the road when you least expect it.
  • Pull the trigger NOW and quit talking about it and making sure everything has to be perfect or “ready” before you start.There never is a perfect time,place or moment.
  • Its actually good to FAIL and a lot too!
  • Obstacles,challenges and failures are not negative.Its not what happens its how you react that matters the most.
  • Cheap gets you cheap.You pay far more in the long run.
  • Value your time more and quit being a YES person.You really cant please everybody.
  • You have got to invest in yourself.
  • CrossFit,bodybuilding,bootcamps,zumba,TRX,spinning,MMA,circuits,running,biking are all good but there could be smarter options out there for you.
  • Bicep curls actually do have a role to play
  • Reach out,listen and actually take advice from people who are 20 years ahead of you.
  • You can loose 10 stone in a year and the goodness you see that comes from that is priceless.
  • Sometimes the people you meet in life that you expect the least from can be the ones that surprise you the most

Thanks for reading and hope some of this might just help you out.