June 8, 2016


3 point checklist to keep you on track

"Thoughts become things,the things you put into your mind are the person you become"

Here is a small list that keeps me on track and may just help you out too.

1.Practice Gratitude and Appreciation

Start your day with listing 3 things you are grateful to have in your life.This can be anything,the people in your life,the opportunities you have, the roof above your head,the clients that come to your business,your health,the food on your plate.

*This morning mine was waking up at 5am seeing the sunrise,having the opportunity to walk into a job I love and working with clients I care about.

2.Keep moving forward 1% better every day.

List down 3 things every night that YOU are going to work on the next day.This should be a SMALL step but this daily consistent small step of action will lead you to the BIG goal.It could be a goal working towards your health,relationship,career goal,anything.

*Last night mine was 1.To write this small post 2.Work on my next article with The42.ie and 3.Taking action and not just talking about it.

3.Follow,filter and acknowledge

"Control the controllable"

Follow and surround yourself with things that drive you towards the person you want to become.Read,listen,and watch people you admire and that motivate you to action towards your goal.

*Some people I like follow are Seth Godin Gary Vaynerchuk Conor Mcgregor.The reason why is simple.They inspire me to work on my goals showing me that over time hard work every day will get you places.

Filter out what is not important.Social media plays a huge part here.Lets face it.Most things we see on social media platforms isn't always 100% real and generally its fake,filtered and not always true.We all see the abs popping out on Instagram,the perfect workouts with amazing form,the cleanest of food they eat the list goes on.

*Follow,accept,explore the places that bring you Positivity to your headspace.

Acknowledge the people that have helped you out in your day.

*It could be a simple message to a client/friend,leaving a tip behind to someone who served you nice coffee,a gift to someone who has helped you out with your goal.

Hope these small tips can help you out.