October 25, 2015


4 ways to help you switch off

I’m going to start with the phrase I use quite a lot.

“You have got to slow down to speed up”

I bring this up quite a lot.

Most of my clients know this now.They know that in order to get strong sometimes you got to slow down,learn the movement,get consistent with it and keep working on it.Its not all about hammering intensity day in day out.Sadly intensity is what the fitness industry sells.

When I work with clients my aim here to to educate them as much as train them.Ask any of my clients today that if i wasn’t around would they be able to walk into any gym and be able to train themselves properly?I’m pretty confident after doing at least 5 sessions with me they would. Thats my job I guess.

Back to slowing down.

Something I personally work on every single day.Working for yourself can be tough,heck every day can be tough for everyone.I have clients from all walks of life.Clients with high pressure desk jobs,teachers looking after large groups of kids to guys working stocks and shares making big calls in seconds.The world we live in today is fast,furious and can really suck you up.Stress comes with all this pressure and if you don’t look after number 1 sooner or later your going to crash and hit a major road block-Trust me I’ve been there and no doubt many of you all have to.

Switching off is something I try to work on daily.Back in June 2015 I hit a wall and had to put a halt to my business for 2-3 weeks.I was burnt out-plain and simple.Sure I was working on my passion and loved every minute of it,however I soon realised to myself,I was helping lots and lots of people but I wasn’t helping myself.I was promoting healthy living but then again I felt i was not living a healthy life myself.I was spending close to 60+ hours in a 12ftx12ft shed training clients plus all the others hours of blogging,social media,programming,admin duties and literally had no time to look after myself,do other things,switch off.

Some days I managed to squeeze in some training,some days i literally used coffee to keep me going. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do.I wake up every single day loving this game and I’m really grateful that I have the opportunity to do it every single day.

However as time went by the passion slowly got chipped away and I was getting far too frustrated and burnt out with myself.The biggest problem here is that for 18 months I literally dived into the deep end and never took my foot off the pedal.At the time,I felt I didn’t need to but looking back I really did.Having said that I’m happy I went through those times,but if I was to do it all again I may have listened more to my body and some people around me.

Since re starting up again in June 15 I incorporated some new methods to my daily ritual and everything really has changed my game.My mindset is better,my business has come on leaps and bounds,my relationships with family and friends has improved and my daily lifestyle inside and outside of work has gotten far ahead of where it came from.

So here are a couple of methods that I’ve brought in that might just help you out.

  • 15 mins morning ritual

Every morning I have a 15 minute period of time to myself.I go to the same place every day(mostly my home gym) I start with a glass of water,taking lots of deep breathes and thinking positive.I work on some mobility,play some tunes and then go read or watch motivationalpieces.Go find someone you really admire and listen to them.This morning I listened to this below while I working on some light stretching.


Then I make some coffee and head into Seth Godins blog and read his daily article.I highly recommend this to everyone.He posts simple 2-10 line articles that are so easy to digest.

  • Podcasts/Books/Audible

3 simple ways to help you switch off.When I want to switch off I totally stay away from self developmental and business books.Anything that reminds me of work I wont go near.Dont get me wrong I will find time in my week to go to these places however I will spend close to 30 mins listening or reading material that is basically just cool and keeps life interesting.

Podcasts like “An Irish man abroad” by Irish comedian Jarlaith Regan.I listened to his recent show with Irish actor and funny man Baz ashmawy.The amount of cool guests on this show is amazing and I guarantee you will find someone that really interests you and will even make you laugh.

Audible too is a great service.Costs me roughly 10 euro per month and with that you get a free credit per month to buy any book you want.When I want to switch off I tend to stay away from self developmental books and focus on stories that are interesting and help me just to switch off. I’m currently reading Michael Jordans book “The Life” and finding that v cool.

  • Get creative

Got this super cool coloring book from 2 friends of mine.They really help you switch off and getcreative.Its funny how everything else in the world is forgotten about and the most important thing in the world at that present moment is just keeping in between the lines!

Other creative ways I know that can help others are things like knitting,baking,or even joining in with playing with your kids in the garden or with their board games.Telling stories too and starting up conversations with people in taxis,buses,coffee shops are things that really go a longway.The new store TIGER has some cool toys here below to keep your mind creative and full of youth.

  • Get outdoors

Dublin has so many outdoor trails,parks,hills,rivers and in general lots of places to go out,get fresh air and unwind.

I tend to bring our new dogs out every day between 1-4pm or late at night after my shift.Heading out with friends for social gatherings like golf outings,out for a ride on your bike,meeting up for coffee or even heading out for walks are simple things that will really help recharge the batteries and in general keep you happy.

To sum it all up.

  • Slow down
  • Give yourself at least 20 mins to yourself daily to read,play,watch,listen.
  • Be Grateful
  • Stay positive.

I will leave you with this poster we have at out gym.Go read it and take away 2 points then go work on them.

If you need any more help with anything from training/mobility/recovery/lifestyle

Give me a call on 086-1927014 and ill be happy to help

Thanks for reading and sharing