November 23, 2014

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A little bit about CrossFit

I’m sure a lot of you have come across the term CrossFit lately, but still don’t know what exactly it is.

So what I will do is put together a short blog of my experience of CrossFit.

Some of you may be sick to death of hearing me and others talk about it or some of you guys out there may not have a clue what it is and would like to know more. If you are interested please read on for the next couple of minutes.

I really could write for days about it (as some of you already know) and could go down different avenues and discuss my experience about the good, the bad and even the ugly side of it but ill keep it short and sweet for the moment.

I came across CrossFit on YouTube back in 2009, some of my initial reactions were,

  1. It looked pretty Cool and different to my regular gym session
  2. It was only for high level athletes
  3. I was no were near as “fit” as the ripped guys and girls on the video
  4. It was just another fitness fad that wont last.

So I pretty much didn’t pay attention to it and continued on with my usual gym routine and stayed on the same path of giving myself, my personal training clients and group classes the same sort of fitness programs that i was used to.

But as time went by i found myself searching for new ways to train as i was getting bored with doing the same stuff day in and day out.

Jan 2010 came along and i needed something new and fresh to motivate myself to work on my new years resolution.I found myself back in the YouTube search bar looking up CrossFit again, and with that myself and a mate decided to attempt one of the workouts posted online. The WOD (workout of the day) was called Helen and consisted of 3 Rounds for time of Run x 400 meters, kettlebell swings x 21 and 12 pull ups At the time i felt good  about the workout,400m run didn’t seem impossible, I was used to swinging a KB around the odd time but pull ups was going to be the problem (I could maybe do  2 at a time)….

Well that workout was the game changer for me.Every since then i have been hooked and have accepted CrossFit into not only my daily gym session but has turned into a big part of my lifestyle.Its something i have huge passion for and I have been lucky enough to introduce it to my friends and family and most of them have turned away from their normal commercial gym and are extremely happy members of some of the CrossFit Boxes (Gym) in Ireland.


CrossFit in 3 words is “Constantly varied,functional movements performed at high Intensity”

To break that down even more

Constantly varied meaning it’s totally different workouts every other day. You will never get bored,you will constantly keep the body guessing and with that eventually you start to see results once some of your other ares are covered like Nutrition.

Funtional movements Movements that Crossfitters train for will be movements they will use in their day to-day life such as Squatting (Sitting down/Standing up),Deadlifting (picking up objects from the floor) Pressing (placing objects overhead) and so on.Movements we use generally are compound movements and multi joint movements meaning they normally are the bigger but better movements that involve the whole body. Over the course of a week at your box you could cover  movements such as rowing,running,skipping,push-ups,pull ups,sit ups, KB swings,front squats which all are Gymnastic,Weightlifting and Conditioning exercises.

High intensity once you have mastered the movements and have proven to be consistently sound at them then it is time to introduce some form of intensity into your workout,basically moving harder and faster over that particular movement/s which therefore results in elevation of your heart rate which can lead to better results in the body. But please get comfortable with the new movement,continue to practice that movement and then ramp up your intensity.Safety and technique is paramount.

Who is it for? 

It is for everyone,trust me.

I have visited 20+ boxes all around the world and i am recently home from working as an intern coach at CrossFit BlackBox Tallahassee.Teachers, doctors,lawyers,police/fire men,housewives,weekend warriors,athletes,kids and even my parents are all people i know that does CrossFit. The beauty of it all is any workout or WOD you do is 100% scalable and is tailored to your own fitness ability.Everybody will generally do the same workout together in a class setting but everything can be scaled to the weight,distance,movements etc.A good coach will get to know your level and generally be able  to assist you on your fitness goals.There is a great sense of community in most boxes,everybody works out together,knows everybody by name and pushes everyone along,there is no egos and everybody gets the same level of positive encouragement until they finish that workout.You are never just another number in the door,another number to take direct details from or even try to sell protein supplements to,but you will however actually mean something to the box,your Goals are taken seriously by everybody from the coach to the members and you will be joining a strong growing community.There is now 10 thousand + boxes around the world.I have met some really great friends through it and have never looked back.Of course there is negatives to it and there will always be good and bad CrossFit gyms around but remember every box is completely different to the other but in my own experience i can only speak positive about it all.

Hope you enjoyed this piece.