July 5, 2015


About David Last Fitness

Week 1 is complete in the new place.Cant wait to get going tomorrow into week 2.

First of all let me start by thanking everybody for the support.All the messages,calls,cards,presents you have been sending me was something i really didn’t expect-really appreciate it!,It really means a lot to know that there is lots of you guys out there that want to see our gym do well.

Step 1 was to get away from the original base from home and to find a larger place.The current place in Churchtown is great,lots more space,plenty of equipment,toilets,showers,parking and everything else.Its quite funny to look back at the 12ftx 12ft shed and see where we are now.Thefirst few days was tough in the new gym,I actually really missed my homegym but change is a good thing and is something we need to get used to in order to improve.As I always say “Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable” is something that is really going to get you results.


Where I am based now is good for the moment,although perhaps not a long term home for me.

Week 1 was really great to have all my current clients back train with me from the new base.I hope you all enjoyed it.

But the reason why I’m doing this blog is to explain to people what I’m doing now.

Let me start by saying I’m not running large classes,I’m not a CrossFit gym,I don’t run TRX/KB/Bootcamp style classes and the facility is not a gym where people casually just walk in and train by themselves with no guidance.

Lots of people know I have a huge interest in CrossFit,however as of right now I am not a CrossFit facility and I am not going down the lines of affiliation.Some others have been asking me what are my classes,price per class and timetables for class. Unfort there are no classes.Others have been asking me can they “drop in” and train at the facility.Again this cant be done,unless you want to drop in for a 1-1 session.

So what the am I doing then?

I’m sticking to Personal training working with clients on a 1-1 basis or working with clients in aSemi-private setting,1 trainer with 3-4 clients.Sure the new facility has lots more room and i could look at training 15-20 at the same time,however for me as a experienced enough trainer now I regard large group training something that may actually not help the client in the long run.Instead i’m more going down the quality over quantity line and really working with the client in a 1-1 setting or 1-Max 4 setting.To me this is something that actually gets long term sustainable results once the trainer knows what they are doing and secondly once the client adheres to the plan of working with myself. Ive seen some pretty massive results In mobility,strength,work capacity (fitness) mindset,in as little as 3 months. Im not really into this  “21 day beach body challenge” or a “1 month bikini regime”.I really dont want to be a trainer that just wants to focus on aesthetics.To me chasing performance and new goals is something that really is my area and when performance does start to improve changes in the appearance should follow as well. Health and fitness is a way of life,a lifestyle,its something that is meant to be enjoyed-never a chore,something that your always working on continually making yourself better.

So here is my approach to training and what i do with clients.Im not saying this is the way everyone should be doing it,however in the last 10 years in the industry ive seen quite a lot of things but this approach is what has worked best for me and my clients.

90% of my clients come to me with the same goal,”to look and feel better” ,So these are all the areas that I work with the client to help them reach their full potential.Nutrition,mobility/flexibility,strength,conditioning,mindset,sleep,stress and so on.Itreally is a big picture.Some of my clients come from a conditioning background such as spinning 3-4 times a week,or attending the local circuits class 2-3 times a week and are still not happy with their results.Some come from little to no exercise background with no interest in attending the local gym and just want to make a positive change and some are your typical 9-5 office workers that now treat the gym as a chore,hop on the packed gym floor treadmill/x-trainer at 7pm and use it for 20 mins until they get bored and then play the guessing game of what to do next in the gym for the next 30 mins.Trust me I have really seen it all throughout my 8 years of working on commercial gym floors.

Here is what i know is important and what i do with clients.

Firstly Nutrition is going to be quite important-We all know that.

Basic CMYK

If you really want to know whats going to work best for you then go read this article I did 3 months ago that.Its full of no nonsense content and is a approach that works best.Just CLICK HERE and go read it.

Mobility is something that is so important.Over the first few sessions with my client I will run through a couple of tests and see where the client needs work.We ALL have areas in our body that need work.Some people have tight hips,some with inactive glutes,some guys have poor ankle mobility,the list is endless.If you want to know where you need work then run through these 4 tests that will literally take you 5 mins in this video and see what results you get.Anyway once we work through what areas you need work on,I then will spend about 10-15 mins each session with the clients working on mobility.Remember mobility work is something you don’t only do at the gym,it really is something that you should be working on at least 15 mins eachday.Every morning I will start will a quick 15 min mobility session or else i know that long term if i shy away from it it will come and haunt me in the long run.To be honest it can be boring work and sometimes painful but is something that is worth it.If you are one of them people who use the rower/xtrainer to warm up for 5 mins or even worse do a couple of jumping jacks then into some light stretching well then i’m afraid you could be doing it wrong.

Invest in a good foam roller,hockey ball and a couple of resistance bands and you now have the best tools to help prevent injuries,stay supple and do an smart optimal warm up.D8 Fitness is a super place to get these tools.

Still unsure on what to really do once you get any of the equipment above,then just pop me a message any time and i can send you on 15 mins of mobility work that will keep you from getting chronically tight,keep you safe and actually improve your performance and recovery.

So once we have worked with some mobility drills,got the body loose and warmed up,We then move onto another component that i regard as super important.Strength work is something that takes up about 20-25 mins of the session and generally comes straight after warmingup.Every individual is different,some guys will be working off the mechanics first then being put into basic body weight squats,push ups,ring rows and some clients can be working off movements such as Back squats,Deadlifts,Overhead pressing,ring dips,pull ups etc.Once I see the client has good technique i generally put the client through them movements and sometimes working off a strength based program that generally lasts around 4-6 weeks working off % work relative to the persons 1RM. When this is done right,I have witnessed huge improvements in general strength,and remember strength work wont mean your going to be walking out the gym door with huge muscles looking like a body builder,some clients will worry about “bulking up” when starting this regime,but trust its not going to happen.So generally the strength part of the sessions will include 1 big lift along with some assistance based exercises,sometimes too I may give the client some “Power” based exercises such a Power cleans,Kettlebell swings,Box jumps,broad jumps but ONLY when i know the client needs it and is ready for it.To me its quite ugly to see people do Cleans/snatchs with barbells when their technique is so poor and secondly their doing these movements with such bad technique and that they don’t even need to doing them movements relative to their goal.The Olympic lifts are super exercises but can take quite a long time to master (to date ive sat 3 Olympic lifting seminars both home and in the USA and im still learning the movements), so doing basic KB swings,broad jumps may be a better approach for people.

And then we come to our final piece.The conditioning portion.Let me start by saying this is something that people think its the most important part of the session mostly because it can make you sweat,get your heart rate up and i guess it gives you that sense of you have just done a good workout feeling.It has many terms too,Some trainers will call it a Met-con,CrossFit gyms called in “The WOD” ,other facility’s call it the workout or even the finisher.But let me say its probably the least important part of your workout but i still need you to work well here.Generally this will last from 10-15 mins.For some of you it may seem short but trust me I know how to really program a workout here that

1.Is going to focus on your goal

2.Work you hard

3.Keep you safe and injury free

4.Get you results

If you really want me to go further into this piece i can and talk about energy system training but tbh majority of my clients don’t really care about this,however if you ever want to know why i program certain conditioning pieces to you,just ask me any time and ill tell you why,Its always good to question your coaches what your doing and why you are doing it

In saying that too your coach should be telling you what way to approach the workout best.Mostof the workouts I give to my clients I have done myself and will break down everything about it if they really want to know. Throughout my experience as a trainer and visiting other gyms as a client its shame to see workouts being done randomly and just throwing up fancy ass workouts just to make people sweat.Remember any body can really create a Met-con style workout.

Anyway Thanks for reading and if you feel my way of training is something that you want to get into please get in touch.

All the best