January 27, 2015

Mindset, Tips

Are you keeping track?

We recently got a PR board at our gym and i posted a piece about the importance of recording your lifts and sessions and measuring your progress.

The board is looking awesome and i got the inspiration from my mentor Sean dodrill over in the States,remember this board is not here to intimate you or create daily competition.Its there to make you better and everyone else around you better too and making you accountable-your not just another number in the gym,your goals to me are taken seriously.

Initially when i first started training clients on a regular basis i wasn’t too pushed on PR boards,time,load,distance,speed etc.In fact i was more just focused on getting you better with the new movements and skills.Building a base and solid foundation i guess.Once you mastered the 4 stages of learning which i will cover on a later date then i was keen to start pushing you guys towards logbooks,PR boards etc.

So why should you keep a record of your training sessions?     

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  • Faster learning and accelerates your progress
  • Remembering weights and %
  • Having information to analyze and look back on
  • Tracks and measures your progress
  • Helps you set goals
  • Keeps you on track and makes you accountable    

Other things i record in my journal and that will help you out are

  • Load/Distance i undertook/time it took
  • Time of workout morning/midday/eve session 
  • Hours of sleep before/sleep pattern
  • Food diary
  • Water intake
  • Mood/Energy/Stress levels
  • How you felt before/during and after workout
  • What challenged you/what would you change if repeating workout again

Looking forward to seeing you guys bring in them notepads and starting to log some of your sessions.Over next couple of weeks we are starting to fill out that board so brace yourselves!