September 15, 2015

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Best exercises to fix low back pain

Lower back pain effects us all at some stage in our lives.They say at least 80% of us have experienced this discomfort.We have all been there from effecting a social night out even down to a simple round of golf.It can pretty much effect both those who are sedentary to those who are physically active.

Personally Its effected me since 2013.What once started as a minute hernia has turned into a DDD or other known as worn discs in my back L4 and L5 to be precise.Lots of people think its crazy that myself,a personal trainer has picked up a low back tweek. Red flags go up when clients hear this but hey I’m only human as well right?So how could I pick up low back pain?

I put this down to a couple of things…

1.Doing far too much training back in the day and not listening to my body.Cycling to and from work,teaching 2-3 spin classes a day,constantly on my feet and basically just doing far toomuch.Now I have realised sometimes you just got to slow down to speed up.


2.Not spending enough or anytime working on glutes,midline and all out general mobility.All I really wanted to do was the fancy stuff.If i could turn back time I would,however you have to go through that learning wall to learn from your mistakes,same way I spent 18 months in my home gym doing far too much personal training (50-60 hours a week) at a really low rate and all leading to utter crash and burn out over time.Ill never regret this but its a big learning curve,I needed to go through that too,If i didn’t do them 18 months I wouldn’t be here today with the clients I’ve built up.Along with simple movements,static and dynamic stretching some of these tools below will all come in handy.

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3.Working on my fitness but not focusing on my dysfunction

You can’t put fitness on dysfunction.”  – Physical Therapist, Gray Cook 

So what the hell does that mean?

As we age we all ingrain poor movement patterns and develop tight areas in our body.Tightankles,hip flexors,rounded shoulders,inactive glutes,constant over extension,poor posture,tight low back,damn the list is endless.

This is down to so many things but purely down to how we live our lives from sitting down far too much right from junior school upto the 40 year old desk worker or to the 2 areas ive mentioned above.

My issue was that I went straight to the deep end and stayed there and didn’t spend enough time working on the fundamentals.I guess that’s the problem with the fitness industry as a whole.Noone wants the simple basic stuff,everyone wants the complex,high intensity stuff that makes them feel like its working.Sure that stuff is great,but not every day.I find it crazy to see some gyms offer 4-6 sessions intro sessions before they can dive into the deep end and workout in the main class.Really?Sure its a business but if you really care about your clients you will treat them the right way.(Oh and please don’t make the huge common mistake that Ive seen with somepeople.Ive seen people who feel they need to exercise to fix their bad back.Fix it first then go exercise.Just go read this <—– I get clients who come to me for fixes then we incorporate an exercise plan around them.

This can all be fixed and maintained overtime

Want to know how to fix yourself then first do this test and see what you pick up-Call me and ill be happy to offer it to you for FREE.

Remember if your not assessing your only guessing-which overtime will lead to failure.

Anyway here is my drill that I pretty much do twice daily.It literally will take you 15 mins max with little to no equipment needed. I’m not saying its “fixing” my back 100% but its “maintaining” it and enables me to train and live my life pain free.-Its way better than going down the route of open back surgery,which tbh was never a option anyway.

Hope it helps

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