November 26, 2014


Beware! Your water can be a danger to your health

Yup, you read the title right so read on and find out if its hazardous to you or not.

Water is essential for life, we need it every day and realistically you should de drinking at least 2.5 + litres over the course of the day, the more active you are too this figure could shoot up to 4 litres daily.

The reason i am writing this short piece is because today i spent 4 hours of my day training clients at a well-known commercial gym, i then returned back to my home studio to train more clients and finished off my day at a CrossFit gym coaching more athletes and witnessed the same thing at all 3 places and i got asked the same question by 3 of my new clients.

The “thing” i noticed was people using old re-used plastic bottles, the question i got asked was “What bottle is that?”. I get asked this all the time (i will always have my bottle/s of water within an arm distance away and is a good habit you should do too)

So whats the problem? and What bottle do i use?

The Problem

Reusing plastic water bottles.

Continually showing up to the gym/work/outdoor activities with the same old reused plastic bottle is a danger to your health. Commercial plastic water bottles tend to wear down from repeated use, which can lead to bacterial growth in surface cracks inside the bottle. There is a plastic chemical (BPA) in these bottles. BPA poses serious health hazards particularly to pregnant women and children, it can also lead to complications to your hormonal system. Also be wary of  the large plastic “Powerade or Lucozade” bottles too that are seen in gyms/pitch sides all over the country, sure you may be washing them out but bacteria will still eventually linger around the bottle.

The Solution

“What bottle is that?”

What i recommend is investing 15-20€ on a BPA Free bottle which can be purchased at most outdoor stores or  a website i use quite often is,the bottles tend to look like the ones above,I even bought my latest BPA Free bottle at my local Super Value for €8.99. CamelBak and Bobble are brands i would also recommend.Keep drinking plenty of water and use a filtered tap if possible,your body will thank you for it!