September 23, 2015

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I guess Tony Robbins was right after all when he says “people are rewarded in public for what they practice in private” 

This quote can resemble the amount of attention a client of mine Ciaran Burns received during the week when his transformation took social media by storm.At first I was hesitant to send out the snaps of him but he agreed to it and we felt it may inspire others to make that change.Plus he deserved to get notice after all that hard work he put in.Once I hit the post button,I knew this would explode.Anyone who drops 44kg almost 7 stone deserves recognition in my book.It wasn’t  just about weight loss, and rarely we took the scales out believe it or not,it just wasn’t that important to us at times.To me it was all about LIFE,sure when the weight comes off its great but its all the other stuff that comes with it,the confidence,lifestyle,smiles,positivity,heck the every day feeling waking up and feeling good about yourself.

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Let me tell you more about our journey.

Ciaran or once known as “Big burnzie” walked into me on Friday the 13th of March of alldays.They say Friday the 13th is a unlucky day too which looking back makes me laugh.Perhaps it was just meant to be.

He made a big decision then, that enough was enough and he needed to alter his ways,improve his health and better his lifestyle.I remember it well,sun splitting the skies and a v warm day on hand.I was just finishing up with 2 clients of mine and I heard his van pull up outside.

I hadn’t seen Ciaran in a long time and to be honest I was a small bit shook seeing what place he was in(hes a very open guy and wont mind me saying this).We had a nice long discussion and we got everything out in the open.He knew that this was going to be a long journey and there was hard work needed to be done.To be honest at the back of my mind I could see he would do it,hes such a strong mental person with a remarkable attitude.I could tell straight away that he was not afraid to work hard and get stuck in.Having a great bunch of friends and family around him too has helped no doubt.

Most of the time when we see success we rarely see the amount of sacrifice and dedication that goes on behind closed doors.

I guess this caption below sums it all up

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So here is what Ciaran did do.

First of all why should I tell you?

Well personally the health and fitness industry to me is a whirlwind.There are so many avenues to go down,some people put out super material and advice and some others put out utter rubbish and leaves passionate trainers who truly want to help people reach their goals scratching their heads wondering.Personally I feel its my duty to promote healthy ways to my audience-that’s my why. I’m here to help I guess.

My biggest down fall at times is that i can get to involved at times and get frustrated when I see the only industry i know and love being ridden by people who truly don’t care.However I seem to be getting better at filtering some stuff out.It can be hard when you love this game.

Anyway,back to Ciaran and what we did.

We spent a hell of a lot of time on a 1-1 basis working on his mobility.We initially started off where he needed work and then made sure we worked on that a lot along with him doing it athome.Want to know more about that then just read this small article Nutrition was broken down early and I got to know his lifestyle,what he does day to day and how he eats,drinks,sleeps etc.This is all so important and needs to be done early doors.Wantto know more about what you should be eating then go read this pieceWe both accepted that this was going to be a long journey.For me as a trainer this can be one of the biggest obstacles when dealing with clients who want to make a change. Mostly because unfortunately this industry does not sell patience and everyone thinks they can get into shape fast for their summer holidays around the corner.Personally I’ve never seen anyone make huge changes over short periods of time and holding onto their progress doing it the right way.Sure new habits can be created over short period of time but for a transformation I’m afraid your in it for the long haul.A long haul that needs to be enjoyed,when its done as a chore and not a enjoyable part of your day this is going to be another battle.Lucky for me most of my clients have said that their sessions are parts of their day that they enjoy.Straight away Ciaran realised knew this and I guess when he seen his other friend and client to me CT do so well with me previously over the 6 months he then realised if he could do it so could he.Fair play to CT it was him who referred and encouraged Ciaran to come into me and get the ball rolling.


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He showed me all the D’s 

Dedication-trained 3-4 times a week,never cancelled and showed up hail,rain or snow.Evenwhen I took a week off myself I gave him my equipment and he trained from home.He even showed up at 8am on a saturday morning at my homegym before he was due to drive down toslane.He made that commitment to himself and stuck with it.Another time he came early before himself all his pals were going to the beach. Thats the difference he made zero excuses and just showed up all the time.There was obstacles and distractions around him sometimes but he worked around them.We all know hes a big football fan. Heres another example Ireland playing a big game that night yet he still shows up gets his work done while not missing his game of course


Desire-He wanted it.Not for a holiday,a girl,to prove it to somebody or any other fake hope.Hetruly wanted it for himself .This is half the battle and from day 1 he was on a mission.When you really want to make that change and are willing to stick with that goal,over time nothing will stop you.Hes a big example of this.

Discipline-By now you notice a trend.Well his discipline was on another planet too.I’m sure some of you know Ciaran like a pint-heck we all do,its Ireland, every social gathering circles around alcohol,however he made a commitment to stay off it for a few weeks and work hard on his food,training and sleep.I will never forget the time that I was training him down in De la salle one evening and on the way home I bumped into him in Tesco at the till.I was chuffed when I had seen what he had in his shopping basket.He could have sneaked an odd treat or 2 and I would have never noticed but sure who cares if he does or not the odd time but when I seen all the ingredients mentioned in the basket I was truly impressed.Going home that night it was yet another sign that he would do this

Want to know that shopping list?

Here you go———>Shopping List<————

Notice there is no magic pills,no diets,no juicing,no wonder drugs,no starving yourself.

Its just real food and he took bits from this and stuck to it.Now of course We looked at his calorie intake too and we tracked it and dug a bit further bit this is general stuff that all helped towards the goal (All that info is mentioned about in the Nutrition article)

His training plan is probably what everyone wants to know.

To be honest it has changed a good bit over the few months. Initially we just worked on a 1-1 basis with mobility and aerobic capacity.

What the hell is aerobic capacity?Well its basically his fitness,putting his heart and lungs under some form of stress and moving him for 20-30 minutes.Sure I could have brought him in to the semi private sessions with 3/4 the other guys and done lots of fancy cool things and thrown him into short interval pieces but there was literally no point when after 90 seconds his heart rate would have gotten far too high and that would be the end of it.I guess that’s my issue with group training.Believe it or not most of the people that do group based training that have a particular goal will never get to that goal.Want to know why?Then please check this out

So for the first few weeks we literally turned on that clock and dialed in some movements for those 30 minutes while we had foo fighters,U2 and even the dodgey alien ant farm band  haha that he loves on spotify .

Basic movements like squats,pressing,pulling,carries and some rowing were all programmedin.When I felt he was ready I slowly brought in other variations of interval training,strength training and more power based moves like swings and ball slams and then slowly got him involved with the other group sessions.It was fair on both him and my current clients that he stayed 1-1 basis for the time being.

This was a clip from the early days at our home gym working on a strength piece.

To this day he now trains with the 7.30pm crew and is moving so well,He is a inspiration to me and the other guys at our gym.

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We are not finished our journey yet and we will keeping going hitting new goals

If you need any help or advice with your training.

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Thanks for reading and well done Ciaran,I hope this article can motivate you to take some action so that you can change your life today.