October 11, 2017


Can you pass these four simple mobility tests?

IF YOU REGULARLY read my column on The42, you will know how I value basic exercises executed with quality under the structure of a smart and effective programme.

Mobility and flexibility standards are always the first thing I assess when working with a client and stats shows that the majority of us will experience back pain, hip issues or knee injuries at some point in our life.

One of the main reasons we are experiencing issues with our joints when we train is simply because the lack of time, effort or value we put into doing some mobility, flexibility or even body maintenance work.

Mobility work isn’t generally seen as cool and a lot of the time you won’t see the fitness industry focus and promote this. The industry rarely sells patience and a lot of the time it’s attention is on youth and intensity. However the more mobile you are the less restricted you will be when it comes to performing certain movements such as hip hinges, squats and other staples of a training programme.

Can you pass these four simple mobility tests?


The video above is not to show you how poor your mobility is but to help you combat that and give you that little bit more guidance with your training.

If you have difficulty passing these tests then avoid forcing your body through discomfort or pain. On each position know what your limit is and find which area needs that bit more work or attention. If you do fall down on any of these movements then my advice is to follow some more of the information I provide below.

I have compiled articles here and here which gives you a lot of the advice you need to know if you fell down on any of those four drills above. In this column I provide you with five simple stretches to do every day along with a couple of fitness tools to use that will help you improve your overall mobility and flexibility.

David Last is a personal trainer based in Dublin. For more information you can follow him on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Or you can send me a direct message here.