July 25, 2017


FREE training workout

This week I am going to give you a structured workout for your gym session.In this workout I will give you the correct plan on how you should layout your session.This is a general fitness program template for anyone looking to improve their overall fitness which will work on some mobility/flexibility,strength,fitness and core work.A lot of people I work with initially are a little unsure on the right structure for a session so I have no doubt this article will be handy for a lot of you.

The session length is 50-60 minutes and is broken down into 3/4 parts.

Warm up-10 mins @50% level of intensity

This is a very important part of your session.The goal here is simple.Get blood flow around the body,increasing the heart rate a little.moving joints while stretching and activating muscles in your body that need attention.Most of the time we see people do A.Crosstrainer for 10 mins or B.Not warm up at all.If you watch the video below you will see me start off with a jump rope with a little bit of light jogging then into joint movement,foam rolling,stretching and finishing off with some activation band work.


Strength circuit 1 20 minutes @ 70-80% intensity

No matter your age, gender or training level I feel strength training is a must for anyone’s workout program.

I would generally encourage people to pick movements that will give them the best benefit, and to work on their weaknesses.

I would focus on compound movements such as squats and deadlifts along with plenty of pulling, pressing and some core drills.

4 sets of and each set is of the following

Back squat x 5 reps

rest 20 seconds

KB/DB single arm row x 8/8 reps

rest 20 seconds

KB/DB side bend x 10/10 reps

*Give yourself 4-5 mins to complete each full set and perform this 4 times.

*The goal is to go relatively heavy in relation to your own strength level.

*Perform 2 warm up back squat sets at 60-70% then go a little heavier for your 4 work set,ideally 80-85% in intensity level.

Extra work/Accessory work 12 minutes @ 60-70% intensity

The goal here is to work on some other lighter smaller movements.Today we will focus on 4 exercises and each exercise I will give you 60 seconds to perform the 1 movement.

It is 12 minutes in length.Here we have some extra lower body and upper body work along with some flexibility and core work.The goal is not to go heavy and focus on getting some higher reps in so the load should be 50-70% of your strength level.At the top of every minute perform 1 exercise and ideally should get 20 seconds rest or so before you move onto the next exercise.

3 sets of

Minute 1.LIGHT weight reverse alternate lunge x 7/7 each leg

Minute 2.Ring row x 10 reps

Minute 3 Hip flexor pulsing stretch x 12 each leg

Minute 4 Core complex (knee tucks x 5 reps+ hollow rocks x 5 reps) x 2

Conditioning work 10 minutes @80-95% effort

The goal here is to ramp the intensity up a little but not so much that your technique goes out the window.Push yourself out of your comfort zone here.The main goal really here is to jack the heart rate up and some intensity in.If you already feel a little burnt out,stressed or fatigued then back off this part of the session.This is where you need to listen to your own body.

Every 2 minutes perform 5 rounds of

8 air squats+10 KB swings+150m run + 30 second plank

*The goal here is to get your reps unbroken from start to finish.Ideally males should be using at least at 16kg bell and ladies going with at least a 8kg bell.


I hope this structure has helped you out.I am in the process of starting up some ONLINE TRAINING where I will be taking on clients online who want some accountability and structure in their training sessions so they can achieve their goals.If you would like to sign up or want more info on this then feel free to send me a message at the link below

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