March 22, 2015

Mindset, Personal

Go for it and make it happen

Fear of what lies ahead,the unknown and the path that you want to take but are afraid to.

Are you in that position? I was and still am.

I’ve been around a handful of people this week that are.

Here is my message for you.

I’ve been there,I still do every single day.And in my opinion its a great position to be in.To be comfortable with the uncomfortable is the only way one will progress and continue toprogress.Its a slogan i use every single day.

I was in the same job for 5+ years.From year 3 i was flirting with moving on,taking my career to the next level,but i kept shying away.I was comfortable yet afraid,scared of what would happen,fear of failing and thinking what others would think of me.People thought i was crazy,and some still do.Even i did at the start.I was inviting people into my 12ftx12ft shed and asking them to come to my gym!Was i crazy?Well i guess not if we have 40+ strong group of people training with me now.The people questioning your decision and asking you about it will always be around.Filter that out and focus on numero uno.These guys are people you need not worry about.They truly want to do what you want but aren’t willing to take that step.

Looking back its the best decision i have made and best decision you will make.Get after your dreams,Do what you have always wanted to achieve.Look at your passion.What do you really want to do?You have one chance at life so give it a go!Most of the time its on a plate for you so stop waiting and thinking and just get after it.Imagine not giving it a try and looking back years later and thinking what could have been?That would be my worse nightmare. I am not saying its going to be a comfortable journey.There will be days of ups and downs and sometimes a lot of downs but when its up they will be UP!Hustle hard and you will get your reward!

The 2 people i have met this week have been faced with the above issues and i am so glad they have gone after their dreams!

You know who you are and well done for taking the step!

Hope this small piece can help you out too.