January 6, 2015


Got Mobility?

Mobility seems to be one of the new buzz words that are floating around the fitness industry a while now,Normally a buzz word is a phrase to use quite often or the thing to be doing and rarely sticks around.

But for me Mobility is a practice we should take quite serious and is a something we need to work on quite often not only as a gym goer but for life in general.


 the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.

“A person with great mobility is able to perform functional movement patterns with no restrictions in the range of motion (ROM) of those movements”

We are born into this world with full mobility. As we age, the “use it or lose it” concept kicks in and most people begin to slowly stiffen up.The reason we lose our mobility as we age is down to our sedentary lifestyles,Driving to work,Sitting at our desks 9-5,Driving home to sit and eat our dinner followed by watching TV.




As a trainer i get to deal with hundreds of different bodies each year,some people show great signs of mobility but the most common issue I have to deal with first,along with nutrition lifestyle choices is poor mobility.Clients that want to get stronger,fitter,look and feel better need to nail the foundation first before hammering all the other fancy stuff.People that want to squat correctly with some heavy barbells or do a conditioning workout with some KBs or maybe Deadlift with perfect form need to make sure they have the basic steps covered first or else i can guarantee they are on the wrong path which will lead to injury.If your training quite regularly or even working with a trainer please ensure you have covered a number of mobility tests or even continue to work on your weak areas.And if your not too sure about these tests,Check out this short video and try perform them movements.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct6lJcYh-AkCommon tight spotsShouldersHamstringsLow BackGlutes/PiriformisHip flexorsCalvesAnklesAnd here is the king of mobility Kelly Starretts website who i was lucky to learn from on a seminar last year.http://www.mobilitywod.com/ Hope you enjoyed this small piece and I shall post a hell of a lot more on this topic as many of my clients know I rate mobility highly.