April 22, 2017


How to improve your Golf game

Over the last few weeks I have been working on content with regard to improving your golf game.Just before the golf season heats up in Ireland I tend to train a handful of golfers who come into me looking for some help with their mobility,movement and their core.I currently have almost 10 golfers with me each week.

Let me start by saying I ain't no golfer and I am not be able to get you that hole in 1.However,the drills I have brought into the golfers gyms sessions has lead them to super improvements in their performance.

Most sports people always think they need "sports specific" training programs or "tailored sports performance"programs for the gym for their sport.I have been around quite a lot of sports and athletes both at amateur, semi pro and pro level so I guess I have seen what goes on and what is needed most outside the playing field.Over the last ten years I have shadowed a couple of high end sessions including the Australian rugby team,many league of Ireland and UK based soccer players,a handful of American based athletes,club and county GAA players and a good few golfers.

So how do I help golfers?

I first get them in and I asses their movement pattern,strength,power,mobility and core strength.All these areas are vital for a good golfer and if you can tap into these areas and improve them it can only lead to a better all round performance.Like I said above I may not be able to get you that hole in 1 so you might need to find a golf coach for that but these areas above can only compliment your game.

It all comes back to the basics a lot of the time and even though certain people might think they need specific drills for their game or sport it really all comes back to the having a good basic solid foundation with your fitness.

After a quick assessment most golfers I train fall down in these 3 areas.

  1. Very poor mobility/flexibility
  2. Weak core
  3. Little to no warm up/cool down structure and throughout the course of the golf season they have picked up silly back,hip or shoulder issues and have played through them without finding the true cause/reason

You want to improve your game and find better positions,protect your back and perhaps up your game then I really suggest you go work on the basics above.

These are the areas I work with with golfers and really is nothing too specific.

  1. Mobility program
  2. Strength circuit program
  3. Power circuit program
  4. Core circuit program

All these 4 areas can be mashed into 1 whole 60 minute session and really only need to do 1-2 full sessions of these a week with some little small sessions in between

The benefits I have seen after 3/4 months have been phenomenal.Here is a example of a client below.His upper back and overall mobility was quite weak and this overall prevented him from finding good start positions.Now,I am not a golf coach but I do know that positions are important in all sports particularly in golf and if you can improve these they can only lead to a better all round game.

Straight away you can see a far better improvement in upper back,improved upright position and this can only lead to a far better starting block strike.Generally speaking most people fall down on tight upper back,rounded shoulders,tight hip flexors and extremely tight hamstrings.You need to address these areas first then build from there.

Your mobility is key.Whether you are a golfer,sports person or anybody who wants to look after their body then you need to stay on top of your mobility.As we age we tend to stiffen up,pick up wear and tear injuries and overall this can effect our daily tasks.Most golfers I have worked with at the start have never really done any specific mobility warm up drill.I put together this mobility circuit for golfers and it only takes 5 minutes.

Go watch this below and all you need is a basic resistant band to have in the golf bag.


Ideally I would always suggest golfers to look after their mobility and core first then look at other areas like strength and power work dotted throughout the year.I have wrote 2 great pieces on power and strength programs and you can find them highlighted here.Most golfers I have worked with need to up their core game.The stronger the core the better the performance in my opinion.There are some superb rotational core drills out there like pall-of press and swiss ball combos you bring into your plan.Low back pain is v common with golf and if you can improve your core then this can only help out.Below are some excellent drills for helping you out.


I hope you’ve found this information useful and if you need any more advice you can pop me a message from the links below.

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