October 19, 2016


My top 6 snack ideas

Any client that I have worked with that has made big changes to their appearance generally always comes back to their approach and relationship with food and how they manage/live their lifestyle.

We should all know by now you can’t out-train a poor diet and when your primary goal is to look better,drop body fat and generally just feel far more healthier what you eat is the determining factor to lasting success.

If you are new to my blog then you should go read THIS and get your basics right first.

The check list approach should be

  1. Quit the junk food
  2. Reduce and limit your sugar/caffeine intake as much as possible
  3. Focus on more quality food/meals throughout your day 7 days a week with a 80/20 approach
  4. Drink more water
  5. The snacks mentioned below can include a large amount of calories so if your goal is weightloss you need to be wary of the breakdown of the number you actually need.Just because you see a product that is "healthy" doesn't always necessarily mean its good for your goal.

Once you have the basics mastered you really need to have the right snacks that will keep you ticking during your day and wont make you crash with a roller coaster of a day seeing your blood sugar levels spike up and down living off caffeine and processed junk food.Having the right snacks on hand throughout the day is essential as it can determine how you approach the next main meal.

In a previous article I have mentioned about tracking your calories and macros relative to your body type and goal.This can all be found HERE

Not everyone needs to plug in the numbers using calculators at the start but eventually there will come a point where your progress has stalled and you need to know what is going right/wrong.Most of the time I see people not getting enough protein in their day and they have a up and down relationship with carbohydrates,playing a guessing game,getting their portion sizes wrong and most eat relatively well from Mon-Thur yet once Friday hits everything generally goes out the window leading into the weekend.

A good solution to not falling off the band wagon is preparing your snacks in advance for the week ahead and having them ready for when you get a craving.

Here are my top 6

  • Chocolate paleo energy bars

Generally make these every Sunday and this batch above can do me for a full week.They only cost 7-10Euro in total to make a full load and all the ingredients and easy method to follow are all in the link below


  • Vanilla + chocolate protein balls
piclab (15)

Super little protein snack that contain almost 10g of protein per serving,really easy to make and taste amazing.You walk into any cafe and you will pay 2.50-3Euro a ball and this batch that can make 15+ balls will cost you max 10Euro. Ingredients and recipes are all linked below 


  • Sliced and diced apple with nut butter

Very easy snack that generally is my go-to when there is literally nothing left in the house.1 full apple cut up into slices with a smudge of nut butter on each slice is a very tasty treat.You can substitute the apple with some rice cakes too if you like.I generally stick with almond or cashew butter for this one and always like the meridian brand.Just don't go to town on the tub!

  • Protein bars

Brands I like to use generally are Quest bars,kinetica bars or the latest Irish brand to hit the market Fulfil bars.All these mentioned generally are a very good quality protein,have a decent amount of good quality fat and are roughly low enough carb and are not full of a lot of crap that some other supplement bars have.They all come in a range of flavors.The cookies and cream is by far my favorite quest bar and not leaving out the peanut and caramel flavored fulfil bar.Just don't make the common mistake of chomping away on these daily thinking they are OK for you and your still not doing enough exercise or your already far exceeding your daily caloric intake.Time and time again I go out and see people go out and buy these bars or protein supplements in hope its going to solve all their bingeing habits.Quit the junk food,eat better quality meals throughout your day along with getting some exercise in and I cant see the problem of bringing these bars into your diet every now and then.

  • Dried fruit,nuts,seeds,dark chocolate,yogurt mix

Having a bag of trail mix of all of the above bar the yogurt is a great idea.Your on the road or sitting at a desk for most of your day,you haven't prepared your snacks and nearest point of call is the garage on the side of the road or the vending machine at the end of the office is only going to lead to you getting the mars bar.Change it up a little  and add a handful of a trail mix in with some glenisk yogurt with a small bit of whey protein and you've got a good healthy snack right there.Go check out Acti-snack or Wyldsson who both produce some great snacks for on the go.

  • Energy smoothie

Huge fan of smoothies.Having a good balance of some fruit,veg,a source of healthy fat and a source of protein is a great snack idea.I use my Nutribullet most days when I am stuck for time and generally blend lots of ingredients that go well together.I generally go with a mixture of almond milk,some whey or pea based protein along with some nut butter or coconut oil/avocado along with a handful of fruit(blueberries,strawberries,or a banana) and a handful of veg like portion of broccoli/kale.Sounds pretty off putting but when blended all together it can look like the smoothie below that really tastes very nice!


Hope this short article has helped you out.Share it on to someone you feel needs to see this info.You need any more advice or help then get in touch.

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