December 15, 2017


Planning for 2018

A short enough entry today

Its Friday 15/12/2017 and we are now in full Christmas mode.

You may think its a bit odd talking about 2018 already especially since we haven't had Christmas day yet.First of all let me start yes this is the time to enjoy the festivites but at the same time its now a good time to consider sitting down on one of those quiet and slow days over the Christmas break making a few plans for 2018.

I love this time of the year.For me it means some time to switch off spending good quality time with family and friends.A time to relax and unwind after a very busy year for us all.This year was perhaps my busiest yet and I look forward to the break.From early gym floor starts to late finishes,working with corporate clients,schools and radio stations to even working along side The42 this year on my column.

This Christmas break I plan on coming away from the work side of things a little ,going off line a little more and going travelling around New Zealand which I really am excited about.

Today's entry really is about 2018 and doing a little planning before or even over this festive season if you can.It wont take long for you to plan and it will really set you up the right way for 2018.My advice is to not let this time of the year suck you up and trample your stress levels and while it’s easier said than done, try and bring in a couple of different ways to control your stress.Physical fitness is very important but how you train and look after your mind is just as, if not more, important.

Over the festive season allow some time to work on your mindset and look towards planning a positive healthy start in 2018.A healthy mind helps a healthy body.Doing things that help the brain slow down, de-stress and unwind are vital and this could be anything like doing some yoga, meditation,journaling/planning or even a 15 minute home workout.

  • Sit down once over the break make a plan and set some goals for 2018

For me,now is the time to get the ball rolling here.Not the first day of January when we might not be as clear headed while nursing that hangover more than likely.My best advise here is to set a real goal for 2018 and perhaps break it down from short-long term.Having short- to long-term goals is something I believe works very well. Like I said before, build your foundation and develop from there.Sit down over the Christmas break and invest in some time writing down goals that YOU want to achieve and map out a plan that is going to hold you accountable and assist you reaching them goals.

  • Stay fresh and fit doing some form of physical fitness over the break

Easier said than done for most.Yes I know its Christmas and there is parties to attend,nice food and drink to get stuck into and boxsets to start and finish!However,can you do 1 workout in 7 days?Yes you can.Doing a little bit of training is going to make everything that bit easier once January kicks in.If you are stuck for time and cant even make.In next weeks article I will give you 4 simple workouts if your just want to get in and out the gym withing 20 minutes and only want to use 1 piece of equipment.For now why dont' you try this home workout?

  • Keep your mental fitness in check every now and then over the break

Perhaps a point here to consider implementing for the new year but no harm thinking about it over the Christmas holidays every now and then.List down three things every night that YOU are going to work on the next day.This should be a small step but this daily step of action will lead you to the big goal. There is a lot to be said for that sense of achievement, no matter how small it may seem. It could be a goal working towards your fitness, health, anything.Being grateful for your health, your fitness, the people around you motivating and encouraging you, is something I believe is also great for your body and mind.I have used this five-minute journal in the past and it has really helped me focus more and keep me on track.

  • Visualise and put your goals out there

I am a big believer in writing down your goals for the year ahead and using daily reminders to keep you on track in getting after those targets.I have talked about using a journal and logging your daily progress or even having a visualisation board to put all your goals on show for the year as another useful way of helping you out.Log your weekly goals and every day write down what went right and what could have even gone better.Remember the goal here should be to get 1% better each day, you don’t need to be perfect every single day.

I’d like to finish this short article by wishing you a very happy Christmas.

I appreciate you reading my blog and taking an interest in my content and I look forward to continuing to help you out with advice in 2018

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