March 20, 2018


Simple protein snacking ideas

The supplement industry as a whole can often be a minefield for EVERYONE including myself. The last ten years of working in the fitness industry I have seen fat-loss fads and different myths leading people down the wrong path; diets, quick fixes, magic pills and certain crazy supplements.

Let me start by mentioning these points.

  • I am not a nutritionist
  • I am not a dietitian
  • I do work with lots of clients with extremely busy lifestyles and want to get the most out of their fitness with the aim of improving their health and lifestyle
  • I am sponsored and affiliated with Kinetica sports so I will mention their products I use in this article mostly because they have been key to my training and lifestyle the last 5-10 years.
  • I wont ram their products down your throat as there is enough of them sort of characters out there.However if you do want simple ideas then this is a good article for you and if you do want 35% discount from their products then scroll down to bottom of article and receive that there

Today I am going to talk about the simple supplement Protein and in particular whey protein.If you want to look at the basics first and want to know WHAT IS PROTEIN,WHO NEEDS IT AND HOW MUCH DO I NEED .then go check out that article first.

My aim every day is to get at least 150g+ of protein.Each day I am generally on the go from 5am working with clients,running the business side of things or even staying on top of my writing duties with THE42 generally wrapping up each day around 9/10pm.With all these hours in the day tied up it can be hard to hit my goals in relation to my nutrition.Getting in the right amount of meals and hitting my macros can be a challenge at times and this is for me how a basic supplement like protein can come in very handy for me.

Here are some simple ideas how you can use whey protein

Breakfast smoothie


Each morning I start my day with a kick-start smoothie to ensure I am getting some of my nutrients in early.This is quick and easy and simple if you are a on the go person like me first thing

Below is a really simple breakfast smoothie recipe which takes 5 minutes to make and ticks all the boxes with all the right macronutrients you need.

  • handful of courgette
  • handful of blueberries 
  • handful of spinach
  • 1 tablespoon of nut butter 
  • 1 and half cup of almond milk or water
  • 1 scoop of vanilla whey Kinetica protein power

Protein pancakes

IMG_2722 (1)

A great way to start the weekend!

Generally I like to treat myself with these after a long week and these are just what is needed to kickstart the Saturday ahead.These are delicious and simple to make.

You will need

2-3 eggs,1 whole banana,nut butter,handful blueberries,greek yogurt ,coconut oil and some kinetica whey protein (vanilla or chocolate flavour works best for me) 

Cooking Instructions 

Crack 2-3 eggs into blender (Nutri bullet really is the king here)

Add 1 banana into blender along with eggs

Add 1-2 tea spoons of nut butter into blender (Went with meridian peanut butter,any nut butter works)

Add 1 scoop vanilla whey protein

Add coconut oil to pan,turn on low heat

Blend contents all together with bullet

Add contents into heated pan (Allow it to settle slowly and you should have a great little pancake 

Once you mastered the flip allow other side to settle,2-3mins is all that is needed,pancakes themselves can burn quite fast.

Protein balls and protein bars


I am always encouraging my clients to try make their own healthy snacks.

I generally make these every Sunday and these batchs can do me for a full week. In total, they only cost €7-10 to make. All the ingredients and the simple method for making them can be found in the links below.

Let me finish this article by giving you a 35% discount code from the official Kinetica website using discount code "DAVL35" 

Go check out their site and see all the products they have on offer.Personally I use the whey protein a lot especially their bars and protein powder.

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