June 23, 2020


Spanish style smoked hake

The last few weeks and months of lockdown have perhaps given you that bit more extra time to get creative with snacks and meals.In our home everything has been given a go from homemade banana breads,sourdough breads,cakes,fake aways to meals dished up from scratch.

Typically before the lockdown a lot of us perhaps found ourselves chasing our weeks and days not really having the time or plans in place with our meals so really the last while we have found it nice to be able to sit down most weeks and plan out the shopping and food for the week.

We try to eat fresh fish at least twice per week.Most weeks we would visit our local fish mongers Feeneys fish.They always have an amazing fresh selection of everything from tuna,salmon,hake and prawns to name just a few.This fish dish really is quite simple to put together and each attempt I have made small tweaks.

So here it is

Garlic hake with Spanish potatoes and chorizo


2-3 onions

2 pieces of fresh hake



Tinned tomatoes (Garlic and onion)

Baby potateos (keoghs baby potatoes would be my favorite)

Salt and paprika


  • Finely chop onions
  • Boil potatoes
  • Coat hake with some garlic/buy fish already coated with garlic
  • Heat up oven and place fish @180 for 15-20 minutes
  • Add onions to hot pan
  • Add chopped chorizo to the hot pan
  • Add tinned tomatoes 5 minutes after to the hot pan (onion and garlic flavor)
  • Drain cooked potatoes from pot
  • Take out fish from oven and then finish with a light fry on small pan for 3 minutes
  • Add fish to main hot pan with onions,chorizo and tomato base
  • Dice up potatoes and add to a separate heated pan with salt and paprika then fry until golden brown
  • Add diced potatoes to main hot pan with all other ingredients
  • Serve with some salad or garlic bread on the side

I found this dish so easy to make and an absolute delight to get stuck into.

Give it a go!

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