February 13, 2019

Step by step video guide to get you up over the pullup bar

THE PULL-UP IS one of the most fundamental and functional bodyweight exercises you can do – but they’re harder to master than they look.

For most of us its a milestone we want to hit and movement to have in your locker.Its one of those movements that takes time and effort to get that first one but when it does its always a nice feeling.

In today's article I give you a step by step guide on progressions towards getting your first chin or pull up.

Step 1

Controlled ring row

The first step is important.What you need here is a simple set of rings or a TRX suspension trainer.Aim to work for 10-12 reps unbroken keeping the tempo of the movement steady and controlled with a 2 second up and 2 second downward phase.Keep the body in good alingment throughout,elbows close the body,squeezeing the glutes,shoulder blades and tummy tight at the top.It should look a little like below

Controlled negative row

Very similar to above but the next step is to try and added some time and tension on the downward phase here.Find an angle that is going to work for you – the more vertical you are the easier it will be and the more horizontal you get the more challenging it gets.I like to aim for 1 second up and 4-6 seconds coming down in a slow and controlled manner.It should look very like below and aiming for 6-8 reps

Step 3

Jumping pull up

Exactly what it says on the title.Jump first then pull up.The key here is to use a box,bench or step to find the right height then allow the legs to do a lot of the work until the final phase or pull of the movement encouraging the upper body to pull and get the chin over the bar.Its nothing too taxing but its a good step to work on.It should look similar to below.(Notice how I jump first but then look for my upper body to pull and work a little harder as I get closer to the bar)

Step 4

Jump,pull and HOLD

You have the jump,working hard on the pull and now you need to get used to being over the bar.The bar hold is a nice challenging drill.Aim to work upto 20-30 seconds keeping the elbows tight to the body,along with the glutes and tummy tight and engaged.

Step 5

Jump,pull,split second hold and 4-6 second negative

Once you have mastered step 4 try this one.The only difference is that you are working on descending down under the bar in a slow and controlled phase for 4-6 seconds finishing with a straight arm arm position .Take your time on each rep here and aim for 4-6 reps total.

So thats a nice step by step guide you can work off and hopefully with a little bit of consistency and hard work you will get there.There are a couple of other movements I would add into your program too and these would be bar hangs,single arm rows, and lat pull downs.These are all super upper body strength building exercises and if you want to know how to perform these then go check them out in my full exercise diary that includes lots of free tutorial videos giving you everything from strength,mobility,core to full body workouts.

I hope you’ve found this information useful and if you need any more advice you can pop me a direct message from the links below.

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