April 3, 2018


The 5 most common workout excuses and how to overcome them

IN TODAY'S article I’ve jotted down the 5 most common excuses I come across over the last 10 years working on the gym floor and will give you many ways on how you can overcome these obstacles.


"I just haven't got the time"

I hear this quite a lot and my answer to this is always the same-there is always time.We all have demanding days from work to family commitments and sure this can take up a large chunk of our day but I fully believe each and everyone of us can find at least 20 minutes 2 to 3 times a week to look after our health and fitness that bit more.

A lot of people when they think of working out possibly think they need at least a 1 hour window in their day to go to the gym and then to get a workout in.-Well you dont. If you are truly stuck for time all you need is 15-20 minutes to get a workout in.You dont need a gym,lots of equipment nor a full hour for an effective workout.Little wins and habits in the day all count too.Taking the stairs over the lift,cycling to work,doing a 15 minute home workout or even getting out for a 10 minute walk on your lunch break can all count here.

If its important to you then you will make it happen.If you do have a really busy week then my best advice is to plan and pencil in two or three 20 minute windows in your diary where you can get some training in. If you do find yourself stuck for time with limited space and workout equipment then go



"By the time I am finished work I am exhausted" 

Its pretty normal to feel tired after a busy few hours in the office.Hours of sitting down,looking at a screen and overall being in work mode can really take it out of us and for some of you the day isn't half over yet with family duties on the horizon looking after the kids,the housework or even getting the dinners together.

A lot of the time the last thing some people want to do upon leaving the office then is go to a busy gym floor.I would always suggest a few things here to individuals like perhaps aiming to do something first thing in the morning instead or even on their lunch break (again this doesn't have to be a whole 60 minute session) or even just biting the bullet and aiming to get something done as soon as you leave the office.A lot of the time its always the build up that is the worse part and once you do get over that initial hurdle and get moving into that warm up your already over the hardest part.

If you do feel already totally burnt out or stressed after a long day and you are planning on doing some exercise my advice here is to listen to the body and give the body what it needs.A walk,light job,some basic stretches, or even some yoga may be the better option over a high intensity interval workout.Below is a video of my top 5 stretches that you do try do on a daily basis if you do find yourself sitting down in the office for long periods of time


"I just cant stand the gym"

It should never be a chore is what I always tell my clients.

Choose your training venue wisely in whatever avenue you do go down and make it something that you might actually take enjoyment out of.If you don't like noisy crowded gyms then look elsewhere.Ireland is now full of personal training gyms, small gyms, clubs, studios, training academies and fit clubs.The options really now are endless and with the brighter evenings coming in getting outside into the open may even be the better choice for you.

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"I've no idea what I'm doing"

Walk into any busy gym floor and it wont take you long to see some  people lost when it comes to their workout. Dont worry-thats perfectly normal.

The right step for you is to get some advice and make the most of that time you do have to train.Any time I do put an article together here the goal is to try educate the reader as much as I can with regard to helping them with their training and lifestyle goals.

Perhaps you might need to seek help from a trainer or even look at attending a class so someone can guide you through the movements the right way.A sign of any good trainer is someone who is going to be patient guiding you through the appropriate steps for your training plan.My advice here is if you know you need a little extra help on technique, then go and source a trainer who knows how to help you. Find a coach who is particular about technique, has a good pedigree, and has a proven track record of getting results.

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"I have tried lots of things but always get nowhere"

"If you are not assessing then you are only guessing" is a quote I am always mentioning.There are a lot of reasons for getting nowhere in relation to your training goals — boredom, a lack of accountability, not knowing what to do, little to no progress, or purely just having little to no enjoyment with your new fitness regime.Find the right training path then asses and reassess your progress every 4-6 weeks.This is something I like to do with myself and my clients, and this could include a before and after photo, a bodyfat measurement or even a bench mark workout.I guarantee if you do look back on those six weeks you will have lots of wins in there which in turn will help you to ignite that fire again and get back on track to hit your goals.

I hope you’ve found this information useful and if you need any more advice you can pop me a message from the links below.

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