July 12, 2015


The best nut butter banana pancakes EVER!

Many mornings during the week I find myself having eggs for breakfast or the odd time going with chia seed porridge and sometimes maybe even some veg with meat/fish.I tend to top off breakie with plenty of water a good coffee/green tea along with some supplements like a basic whey protein,a fish oil and a probiotic along and some arginine .

However on Sundays i like to get creative and go for some simple delicious recipes .So this morning i went with my healthy peanut butter banana pancake recipe,they are simple to make,with not that many ingredients and take little as 5 mins to put together.A huge bonus point for the lads is that you wont make a mess and if you can get your hands on a solid nutri-bullet there is little to no clean up duty afterwards.



2-3 eggs

1 whole banana

nut butter (went with meridian crunchy peanut butter,so many other options around like cashew,almond,hazelnut etc)

Coconut oil

Handful blueberries

Greek yogurt

Cooking Instructions 

Crack 2-3 eggs into blender (Nutri bullet really is the king here)

Add 1 banana into blender along with eggs

Add 1-2 tea spoons of nut butter into blender (Went with meridian peanut butter,any nut butter works)

Add coconut oil to pan,turn on low heat

Blend contents all together with bullet

Add contents into heated pan (Allow it to settle slowly and you should have a great little pancake like this below)


SLOWLY flip pancake (lots of skill needed here,If you fail your going to be looking at this below)


Once you mastered the flip allow other side to settle,2-3mins is all that is needed,pancakes themselves can burn quite fast.

Job done

Dish out on plate,add in some extra ingredients,below in my pic i went with fresh blueberry’s,greek yogurt and some linseed along with a hot coffee with almond milk


Give it a try.Wont take you more than 10-15 mins here to prepare and get it served up.

Thanks for reading