July 16, 2019


The best outdoor venues to get active

I like to encourage all my clients to keep active outside of the gym and use their fitness outdoors during the sunny spells.From playing with their kids,heading out on runs or even doing park workouts the options really are endless.Over the last few weeks I have been outside in the elements catching some rays while working up a sweat.Here are some nice options for you to look at and consider trying.

Trail run,circuit and dip!

One of my favorites.

From where I am based in Dublin, there are so many locations to consider when deciding to go for a trail run,walk or hike. Places like Glendalough, Ticknock, Massey’s Wood and Knocksink Wood offer some great trails.Here I am below out in Knocksink wood out on a trail run combined with body weight movements and a dip in the stream

I also find that Parkrun is a great way to start your weekend. Parkrun is a series of timed 5km runs held on Saturday mornings across the world, with more than 50 locations now hosting the event nationwide.

My favourite one is in my local Marlay Park and it’s always great to see so many people attend every Saturday morning. They are open to all, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.

TRX park workout

A set of rings or straps is also an ideal tool to carry around in your gym bag. The brand I use is the TRX.

It comes in a small, netted bag and is very light. You simply hook the TRX up to any door frame, tree, or railing and you’re good to go.

It’s a great piece of equipment that can be used for all fitness levels and can train any body part.

Squats, pistols, rows, presses, planks and holds — you name it. The TRX featured in last week’s article on my top four outdoor full-body workouts.

Mountain biking

If you are looking for a bit of an adrenaline kick then this is a fantastic way to change it up and have some fun while taking in some pretty amazing sites looking over Dublin. I headed up to the foothills of the Dublin mountains and found myself at Ticknock, which  is a popular destination for a lot of people at the weekends.

This area, which has remarkable views overlooking Dublin city, caters for people looking for designated hill walks and separate trails for bikes and runners alike

I rented a bike from the biking company Biking.ie and must say it was a super three hours. They also have another fantastic route in Ballinastoe, County Wicklow.


I hope that you found some of these ideas useful and you can find time to give one or two of them a try. If you know of any other great outdoor activities and locations your comments would be most appreciated below.

David Last is a personal trainer based in Dublin. For more information you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.