April 17, 2015


The Concept 2 Rower

Many of you guys seen my pic on my Instagram and Facebook page hitting up a 10k Rowenjoying the Irish sun in my garden.

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Next time you see a rower on the gym floor and you are looking for a short but v effective workout,Get on it.Forget the X-trainer and treadmill,this will kick your butt.The treadmills and X-trainers are always the machines full at peak time on the gym floor and the little rowers always free and available in the corner.Well guess what,The C2 is the best of the bunch.

The full body nature of rowing makes it a huge calorie burner: in a few minutes a day, you’ll burn more calories on the indoor rower than you would on a machine that doesn’t engage as many muscle groups. If you have a lot of weight to lose, the seated nature of rowing takes the pressure off your joints while providing a superior workout.

5 Years ago before I first started training in CrossFit, I hated rowing and i still have a serious love / hate relationship with the concept 2.I was working in the commercial gym at the time and we had plenty of them.I hated the machine and as a matter of fact i guarantee you that if you walk into a commercial gym now,out of all the cardio machines it is always the machine being used the least (Trust me i spent many a hour on gym floors,and it was the machine that needed the least amount of cleaning too,every staff member always wanted to be on the roster for rowing cleaning).

I guess there are so many reasons why i didn’t like it and i guess why you don’t like it either.

I just didn’t know how to do it correctly, so I was horribly inefficient and therefore unhappy with both my experience of rowing and my performance. So go watch this super video and learn basic techniqueThe rower isn’t sexy. It doesn’t have a cool screen that lights up and there is no place for your fashion magazine. It’s just you and that rower.Plus you don’t have the added bonus of challenging your treadmill stranger partner to beat his pace.Im sure some of you have been there.

funny-girl-running-treadmill (1)

The rower can be hard work. At the start it proves quite easy and comfortable  yet when done right yet its going to get you gassy v quick.I didn’t have a breeze what the screen meant,or what way to approach a workout on it so i just rowed for a couple of minutes then i got very bored


So go check out here how to use the monitor

Now maybe your looking for a couple of workouts and challenges right?

Well here is a couple for you that i like to use with my clients and myself.

Row 500m as fast as you can (Aim for 1min30-2 mins)Row 500m at 90-95% effort x3 times with 1.30-2 min rest. Aim to keep all 3 finish times in around same time.Row 20 secs hard rest 10 secs x 8 times then rest 3 mins and repeat cycle again.All out 2k Row a really good finish time is between 7-8 mins10k and try beat my time of 47 mins :)

Cheers and if you need any more help or advice just pop me a message any time