February 24, 2015

Strength, Tips

The CrossFit Open….

Are you signed up yet?

Yup probably the most common question thrown at you at your gym the past month….

The CrossFit open! It’s going to be bigger and better no doubt with CrossFit getting more and more popular every year. With increased participation the standards will only get higher.


It is hard to believe the 15 series is already among us as it only feels like last month I was at CF Blackbox Florida hanging out with good friends, learning lots, training hard and judging some of the guys for the open.Maybe it is your first open or perhaps you have been there from the start, I have been around it since 2010  and every year this large community amazes me.It is fantastic to be able to get people together from all corners of the world.Yes, it is that time of the year to have fun, test yourself and make new friends.


So here are a couple of tips for you to get the most out of your open.

  • Enjoy it and have fun. The most important one for me. It is just another series of workouts; don’t beat yourself up over it. Enjoy the experience and soak up the atmosphere. Over the years I’ve seen guys and gals get upset over their performance. Sure it happens but move on, this is not the end of the world. Accept it may not have gone to plan. Always revert back to why you picked up this sport.(It was fun and different)
  • Prepare. Layout the day and time you will be doing the workout a few days before hand. Show up on time; be prepared and ready to go.
  • Book in. Book in your timeslot at your gym (I can’t see castro giving too many workouts over 15 mins long) and ensure you have a judge booked in with you prior to your workout – Last thing you want to be doing is running around the gym floor looking for a judge that is qualified to measure workouts!
  • Fuel and hydrate. Whatever works for you normally stick with it. Now is not the time to be trying new pre workout drinks and bars.
  • Know the standards of the workouts and start holding yourself to them. If you are not sure, ask your coach or even better take the judge’s course. It is not that expensive.
  • Respect your judge and coaches. They are there to help you out at the end of the day. At some point you will get no repped, accept it and move on.
  • Listento the guys that know you best. Including yourself. You know what you can and can’t do. And so do your coaches. Warm up correctly, stick with the workout plan, pace appropriately and stay cool. More than likely some guys around you, who will be screaming “pick up the bar” “GO” “Move”. Sure this is great but they may not know your limits. They will be throwing you advice and roaring out ideas, sometimes you have to filter that out and listen to the right people.
  • Be considerateto everyone else around you. Cheer,clap and encourage as many people as possible. For me the better the environment on the gym floors, the better the open. That’s what its really all about at the end of the day, creating a strong community and tight bond where everyone cheers on anyone that goes out of their comfort zone.
  • Recover. You have put a lot of thought and prep into the build up for the workout and once it is over make use of good recovery methods from refueling, to foam rolling and some other mobility work.3absolutely annihilated a lot of posterior chains last year so get on that roller.

I hope these small tips can help you out and you can apply them to your workout at your local gym. No doubt it is going to be another fantastic open, remember have fun and always think back to why you joined this strong community.