July 28, 2015

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Top 7 benefits of Semi-Private personal training

So you have been seeing me post about semi-private personal training lately and you don’t quite know what its all about yet.

Let me explain everything about it,what it involves and how its probably the best option for you.

Semi private sessions at the moment are my busiest part of my day.

Since moving into a larger space I decided to take on 2-4 clients at a time instead of 1-2.

Most of the clients that will come to these sessions will have similar enough goals which always tend to be “To look and feel better,(tone-up),decrease body fat %,improve strength and generally just be a healthier human being” 

Most of you all know by now how the layout of the sessions go by now.If your new to this blog then go read THIS ARTICLE I did on how my sessions work and what clients and myself generally do in them sessions.

There is so many benefits of going down this route.

Here are some of the advantages my current clients both women and men have listed off since starting semi private training.

Let me list them off for you.

  • Coaching/Learning

I want to educate my clients as much as assist them on their goals.At the start,your not going to be thrown into the deep end.Trust me,Every good trainer will have a consultation/intro system set up to ease you in.We work the basics,dial in form and get pretty damn good at it before we move on.Mechanics,consistency,intensity is the layout here.Forget the bootcamp approach where the workout is there and you just go for it,sweat lots,walk out feeling beaten up and then wonder couple weeks later are you progressing.I’m not saying bootcamps are bad,they do have a place but just not for me.Any good trainer should bring you through a smart starting process seeing where you lie,teaching you the basic movements like squat,press and deadlift, followed by your mobility and recovery too.In fact Mobility can be put in first to see where you need work to eventually move onto better things.

  • Constantly Varied

All sessions generally are varied so that you will never get bored.The general layout stays the same ie 15 mins mobility/warm up,20 mins working on new skill,strength cycle followed by a 15 min conditioning piece.I worked in the commercial gym scene for years and its really sad to see clients come in and treat the gym as a chore.If that’s the case your on the road to failure and eventually plateau.Or another case is that if you do the same thing day in day out your body will just adapt over time and wont see the results you are craving.

Working out with 3 other individuals in this environment is fun,different,competitive (if your into that),motivating.The list here is truly endless.

  • We measure Progress

Not with the scales!-We all know by now that numbers on the scales will always fluctuate and tbh never that important.

Measuring strength,mobility and fitness to me is far more important than looking down on numbers on the scale. 

photo (20)

How we measure progress is by using board above or even better when the client starts to log their own work.

More info for you here about the importance of measuring performance for your goals

When performance stays to improve,image/aesthetics/bodyweight will also start to getbetter.Once your nutrition is dialed in and your training is going to plan there is no reason why you cant hit your goals.

Want to know more about what you should be eating and drinking then go read THIS

  • Scaled/Modified

Even though its a group based workout,everything in the session is still catered towards YOU.

A good coach should know what a client can or can’t do.In most of my sessions I have clients from first timers to seasoned vets. A good personal trainer will be able to manage that…

…but a GREAT trainer will adapt the movements for individuals so that everyone gets a great workout. For example, if you can’t yet do pull ups, you might do some sort of pulling variation such as ring rows,Or if one of the clients just isn’t feeling 100% ready to go then maybe you just need to map out something different.Believe it or not the most effective workouts can be in couplets or triplets. I’ve never really quite understood sessions that have so many movements in them.I mean surely there should be a reason or end goal for doing these workouts?

  • Making new friends or even better training together with your friends

Lets face it,social gatherings in Ireland are generally circled around the same plan-Alcohol

Alcohol is great but not all the time.Sometimes its nice to get together with mates and exercise.

I’ve met many new friends who have turned out to be really close friends through the gym environment.Training alone can be boring and lonely at times.Plus the fact when your booked into train at 6am with your trainer and friends your going to be more accountable which in the long run is going to help you achieve your goal.Here is 5 of the guys below,They got to know each other as the sessions went on.We are at a local fitness competition enjoying a couple of beers after our workouts.

photo (6)
  • 60 mins all mapped out

As mentioned above,the layout of the session is all their for you to see.Lets face it we all have busy lives now and cant afford to spend too much time in the gym.There is other important issues like work commitments,family,partners,kids etc

One of the main things i hear back from my current clients is that the sessions is all mapped out in front of them.Its there to be done and its in and out.I guess its far from attending the local gym,Jumping on the x-trainer looking around to see what other equipment is free,bounce around on a few machines then get bored,sit in the sauna then go home.What a waste of time and money that is.

If you only have 60 mins in your day and you want to cover all the important stuff well then I have the plan for you.

  • Pricing

Personal training on a 1-1 basis can be pricey for people.Many good trainers out there will charge between 60-80 euro per hour.Having said that joining the local commercial gym for as little as 30 euro per month or 360 euro a year may sound cheap but isn’t it just as crazy when your showing up very rarely or even when you do show up you still haven’t a clue what you really should be doing or even worse again its far too packed and the equipment you wanted to use is not available.

Again I’ve seen it happen the last 8 years in the commerical gyms.Ever wonder when the commercial gym is so small (probably built to hold 60-100 people at a time) yet they still can take in 3000 members?Do they really want you showing up some days is the question I ask myself.I could really go on and talk more about this set up but It will be quite a large rant!

Semi private sessions with me can workout on average between 15-20 euro a session.Yes, semi private training can still be pricey for some people, but you still get most of the same benefits and results that you’d get with a PT for a fraction of the price.

Hope this small article can help you out.I could go on for days and days about why you try a semi private session and get correct coaching rather than just showing up a gym and getting nowhere.

If you need any more help or advice just get in touch