July 23, 2018


Training tips to consider over the summer holiday break

THE HOT SUMMER spell we have experienced the past while can be a time where you may have found yourself off the wagon a little bit away from your usual fitness regime.With the recent heatwave, summer holidays,music festivals to even sunny beer gardens, going to the gym might not at the top of your to-do list-And to be honest that’s pretty normal so don’t beat yourself up too much if you have felt that the last few weeks haven’t gone as planned.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a numerous amount of readers and my own clients asking for different tips for over the summer months and out of all the simple questions I get asked here are my tips for the fitness readers to consider over the summer months of July and August.

A break is good 

Over the last few weeks of sunshine and plenty more distractions like the world cup,Wimbledon and for some of you even Love island its perfectly normal to not want to be inside a gym while the sun is shining outside so don’t feel guilty that you missed a little of your normal exercise routine.My advice here is still do a bit while you can,make a few changes and overall enjoy the summer ticking over with your training.

If your someone who is heading away on a sunshine holiday with family and friends well then the priority should be to switch off and enjoy that quality time.When a lot of my clients go away on their summer holidays they ask me what workouts to do.-I always tell them first that the hotel gym does not need to be on the top of their list.

Yes you should still aim to do some exercise and if you do want to get some exercise in during this time then simple things like getting outside is best which leads me into my next tip.

Train outside 

If you do want to get some exercise in during your summer holiday then simple things like walking,swimming, running or even renting a bike to check out the local area is best. Any time I go away I like to get out and run as it really is the best way to see the sights and find your bearings.

When we have some sunshine in Ireland it is quite important to get out and get our dose of Vitamin D. We spend enough time throughout the year working indoors at work or on the sofa so now is the time to get outside and use the fitness that you have worked on by doing some activities outside.Here are some full body workouts you can do outside this summer Not only is getting outside in the sunshine good for boosting our Vitamin D levels but overall it’s great for clearing the head and can only encourage us to keep working on our mental fitness.


Get the simple things right at least

Moderation,moderation,moderation-something we really all have heard at this stage when it comes to a lot of the tastier things in life.Beers,burgers,ice cream,sweets and so on are all nice things we do get a little more of when away on holiday. My advice here is simple-If you have been consistent with your training and nutrition the last while then you’re not going to set yourself back too much by letting loose a little on holiday.A break is good and now is the time to enjoy yourself. Have those beers, eat that ice-cream but perhaps not every single day!I have mentioned the 80/20 approach when it comes to your nutrition. Now is the time you can enjoy that 20% end and it’s no big deal if you start to push a little further than that figure.

Try something new

Every now and then I highlight the important of varying your training and each summer I always try and pick up a new hobby. Last year I took up trail running and since that it has become a part of my weekly training plan.

Bringing in a new activity, hobby or skill that is totally new for yourself will not only test you physically and mentally but will give you something to work and concentrate on.

The list really is endless with tag rugby, hiking and cycling just a couple of examples. My new hobby this summer is sea or lake swimming and not only have I found this great for my fitness but it also helps clear the head too.

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Get back on the horse 

After a break or a holiday away its important to get back going again.A plan or programme is something that will help you stay accountable.A plan is also important to have something to work towards or a goal in mind. Having a journal or even using a vision board is something I’ve found quite useful as it can help you keep track of what your long-term goal is which perhaps you may have set at the start of the year.Over the years I have seen people set goals back in January and once the summer months start to kick in the goal is slowly put away to the side

Overall I hope your having a great summer,enjoying the sunshine and still keeping an eye on the fitness articles even though at this time of the year it might not be the top of your agenda.

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